Monopoly GO: All Thanksgiving Partners Event Rewards Listed

Cook great food and win thousands of dice rolls!

Monopoly GO Thanksgiving partners event rewards listed
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Another partner event has begun, and with it comes the opportunity to get free dice rolls, money, and even an exclusive pumpkin pie token. Here’s a complete list of every Thanksgiving partner event reward in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO Thanksgiving Partners Event Points and Rewards

You can get up to five main rewards for each food platter you complete and three grand prize items during Monopoly GO’s Thanksgiving partners event. You and your partners will accumulate points and unlock prizes by collecting oven mitts and spinning the points wheel. When you complete all four cars, you’ll receive multiple grand prizes!

Below is every Thanksgiving partner event reward listed and their required points:

Thanksgiving Event LevelPoints NeededRewards
12,500200 dice rolls
319,500Blue Vault:
250 dice rolls
445,000Pink Vault:
400 dice rolls
Four-Star Sticker Pack
580,000500 dice rolls
Four-Star Sticker Pack
(Gold Guaranteed)
Grand PrizeFour platters completed5,000 dice rolls
New Card Pack
Pumpkin Pie Token

For every Thanksgiving platter you complete with your partners, you’ll gain the first five levels, with the grand prize available after finishing all four. In other words, you can claim each set of rewards four times, meaning, rather than only obtaining 1,350 dice, you can get up to 5,400 alongside the grand prize’s 5,000 dice.

How to Score Points in the Monopoly GO Thanksgiving Partners Event

You’ll gain points during the Monopoly GO Thanksgiving partner event by obtaining oven mitts, also known as oven gloves, and using them to spin the points wheel. You can get oven gloves by completing main events, tournaments, and daily quick wins or picking them up around the board.

Once you have some oven mitts, select one of your four partners’ event spaces and spin the wheel, using the multiplier to increase the number of gloves you use. You’ll receive points based on the space you land on and your multiplier, contributing to your progress toward getting your next prize.

When Does the Thanksgiving Partners Event End in Monopoly GO?

The Monopoly GO Thanksgiving partner event ends on Sunday, November 26, 2023, at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET. You have several days to receive every reward and the grand prize, but you’ll also have to collect thousands of oven mitts to get there. Complete your daily quick wins and progress through the main events as much as possible!

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