Monopoly GO: All Blessed Feast Event Rewards Listed

Get ready for a delicious feast and plenty of dice rewards!

Monopoly GO Blessed Feast event rewards
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Whether you are a veteran Monopoly GO player or started recently, everyone can enjoy an opportunity to get valuable prizes to help you upgrade your landmarks and advance through your current map. Here’s a complete list of every Blessed Feast event reward in Monopoly GO.

Updated November 21, 2023: Updated with a refreshed rewards list, information about the Thanksgiving partners event, and how to score points.

Monopoly GO Blessed Feast Event Rewards and Task List

You can obtain 49 rewards during Monopoly GO’s Blessed Feast event by traveling around the board, collecting points, and progressing through its levels over the next three days. The first few prizes start with small numbers of dice, cash, and one-star sticker packs, with later levels providing rare prizes like four- and five-star stickers.

Below is every Blessed Feast event reward listed and their required points:

Blessed Feast Event Rewards: Levels 1-10

Blessed Feast LevelPoints NeededRewards
1570 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
21015 dice rolls
410One-Star Sticker Pack
55580 dice rolls
61580 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
72010 minutes of Rent Frenzy
820One-Star Sticker Pack
925120 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
10150200 dice rolls
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Blessed Feast Event Rewards: Levels 11-20

Blessed Feast LevelPoints NeededRewards
1235150 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
1335One-Star Sticker Pack
1440180 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
15300375 dice rolls
Three-Star Sticker Pack
174555 dice rolls
1850Two-Star Sticker Pack
1955210 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
20600Turkey Token
200 free dice rolls
Credit: Monopoly GO Discord Server

Blessed Feast Event Rewards: Levels 21-30

Blessed Feast LevelPoints NeededRewards
215560 dice rolls
2260Three-Star Sticker Pack
2365230 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
251,0001,100 dice rolls
2670Five minutes of Cash Boost
27100Two-Star Sticker Pack
Gold Guaranteed
28110250 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
301,3001,350 dice rolls
Three-Star Sticker Pack
Gold Guaranteed
Credit: Monopoly GO Discord Server

Blessed Feast Event Rewards: Levels 31-40

Blessed Feast LevelPoints NeededRewards
31175270 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
32250175 dice rolls
33300Four-Star Sticker Pack
34280300 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
351,6001,600 dice rolls
37600Four-Star Sticker Pack
38700350 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
403,0002,800 dice rolls
Five-Star Sticker Pack
Credit: Monopoly GO Discord Server

Blessed Feast Event Rewards: Levels 41-49

Blessed Feast LevelPoints NeededRewards
41850500 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
42900Five-Star Sticker Pack
43950700 dice rolls
443,200650 dice rolls
451,0001,500 dice rolls
471,400Four-Star Stick Pack
Gold Guaranteed
481,500650 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
496,0007,000 dice rolls
Four-Star Stick Pack
Gold Guaranteed
Credit: Monopoly GO Discord Server

Most Monopoly GO events start with rewards that cost a few points, with the requirements quickly increasing as you progress further. The general strategy is to use your dice multipliers as you approach event tiles to maximize your winnings while conserving them when you’re far away from the nearest spot.

However, much of it is luck-based, so I wish you the best of luck with getting good rolls.

How to Score Points in the Monopoly GO Blessed Feast Event

Gaining points during the Monopoly GO Blessed Feast event requires landing on corner tiles. There are four corner tiles you can land on, each providing four points:

  1. Go
  2. Visiting Jail
  3. Free Parking
  4. Jail

Using dice multipliers increases this value, allowing you to get hundreds or thousands of points each time you land on an event spot. In other words, if you have High Roller active and land on a spot while you have a 1000-dice multiplier, you’ll get 4000 points instead of four.

When Does the Blessed Feast Event End in Monopoly GO?

The Monopoly GO Blessed Feast event ends on Friday, November 24, 2023, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. Most previous events last around two days, with some extending to three or four days. This one is no exception, providing three days to get all 49 rewards. Another event will also start minutes after, so be sure to get all your rewards as soon as possible!

Monopoly GO is available on Android and iOS. If you’re close to your next reward but need more dice rolls, check out our list of free dice rolls links in Monopoly GO, updated daily, or click the tag below to explore our growing article list.

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