Monopoly GO: All Rodeo Riders Event Rewards Listed

Giddy up, cowboys and cowgirls.

It’s time to do your best Cowboy impression because the Rodeo Riders event is back and better than ever before in Monopoly GO. As you make your way across the board, you’ll get the chance to collect as many Horses as possible, building up your gauge and earning plenty of excellent rewards in the process. Much like the previous events, you’ll only have a limited time to get as many freebies as possible, so let’s prepare ourselves for the ultimate rodeo.

Monopoly GO Rodeo Riders Event Rewards and Task List

There are a total of 42 Rodeo Riders event rewards and tasks that need to be completed, so it’s a smaller amount than normal. You can get your hands on plenty of free dice, trading cards, and so much more as you make your way through this event. While there is not a free token like there was during the Pumpkin Prowl event, you should be able to keep rolling without spending a dime if you complete all your tasks.

Below, you’ll find a list of every Rodeo Riders event reward, alongside the points requirement to unlock them:

Rodeo Riders Level (1-10)Points NeededReward
25x10 Dice
3101 Star Sticker Pack
450x130 Dice
6151 Star Sticker Pack
9100x225 Dice
Information via Monopoly GO Discord
Rodeo Riders Level (11-20)Points NeededReward
11251 Star Sticker Pack
13250x480 Dice
15402 Star Sticker Pack
17400x750 Dice
19753 Star Sticker Pack
Information via Monopoly GO Discord
Rodeo Riders Level (21-30)Points NeededReward
21700x1,100 Dice
22602 Star Sticker Pack
2580x100 Dice
271504 Star Sticker Pack
28200x250 Dice
301,200x2,000 Dice
Information via Monopoly GO Discord
Rodeo Riders Level (31-40)Points NeededReward
324004 Star Sticker Pack
341,800x2,700 Dice
355505 Star Sticker Pack
37700x800 Dice
39750x900 Dice
40800Gold Star Sticker Pack
Information via Monopoly GO Discord
Rodeo Riders Level (41-42)Points NeededReward
424,300Gold Star Sticker Pack & x7,000 Dice (Final Task)
Information via Monopoly GO Discord

You’ll need to devote plenty of time and energy if you’re hoping to complete all of these tasks before the event ends. Be sure you know how to add or remove friends to avoid wasting your money repairing your landmarks, or if you feel like being a little naughty, you can always check out the airplane mode glitch to get your hands on plenty of rewards.

How To Score Points in the Monopoly GO Rodeo Riders Event

If you’re hoping to get your hands on plenty of points, you’ll need to hope the luck of the dice is on your side. As you make your way around the board, the Tax and Utilities tiles will be your best friend and most elusive enemy here. When landing on the Tax tiles, you’ll earn +3 Horses, and landing on a Utility will give you +2 Horses. If you’re using a Dice Roll Multiplier, the amount of horses you earn will go up by that respective amount.

When Does The Rodeo Riders Event End in Monopoly GO?

The Monopoly GO Rodeo Riders event will close on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at 8AM PT/ 11AM ET. You’ll have three days to wrangle up as many horses as possible, so be sure you’re utilizing your dice to their full potential during this event. Invite a few friends from your social media pages to get plenty of extra dice that could be useful this time.

What is the Rodeo Riders Event in Monopoly GO?

Rodeo Riders is a special event, taking over the less-than-stellar Creative Account event that left players scrambling for dice wherever they could get their hands on them. As you make your way across this board, you’ll need to gather as many Horse points as possible to unlock special rewards.

Be prepared for the start of the next event, however, because once this event concludes, another begins. It’s a never-ending cycle here in the world of Monopoly GO, so be prepared and ready for anything that comes your way.

No matter if you’re playing casually or if you think that Monopoly GO could tear your comradery apart, it’s an excellent mobile game to download on your favorite iOS or Android device. Be sure to be prepared for anything by checking out our section below, and ready yourself for the rodeo with us.

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