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Monopoly GO: All Girl Power Event Rewards Listed

The perfect Woman's Day event

Monopoly GO brings a woman-themed event with Girl Power as its ongoing main activity during the next few days. This regular event will be your main method of getting more resources, including Dice Rolls and Stickers for a while, so here are all of its rewards.

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Monopoly GO Girl Power Event Rewards List

There’s a total of 48 rewards to be obtained in the Monopoly GO Girl Power event. More points are required for each level as you progress, but rewards are also increased accordingly, so your efforts are not wasted. Here’s everything you can get if you can clear the whole board.

Girl Power LevelPoints RequiredReward
15x70 Hot Rod Wheels
210x15 Dice Rolls
410x2 One-Star Sticker Pack
550x80 Dice Rolls
615x80 Hot Rod Wheels
71510 minutes of Cash Grab
815x2 One-Star Sticker Pack
920x120 Hot Rod Wheels
10130x200 Dice Rolls
1230x150 Hot Rod Wheels
1340x2 One-Star Sticker Pack
1435x180 Hot Rod Wheels
15340x475 Dice Rolls
164515 minutes of Rent Frenzy
1745x3 Two-Star Sticker Pack
1850x210 Hot Rod Wheels
20725x825 Dice Rolls
2150x230 Hot Rod Wheels
2255x3 Three-Star Sticker Pack
236010 minutes of High Roller
2470x250 Hot Rod Wheels
251000x1000 Dice Rolls
2780x75 Dice Rolls
2885x270 Hot Rod Wheels
29100x4 Four-Star Sticker Pack
31250x200 Dice Rolls
33400x300 Hot Rod Wheels
341600x1400 Dice Rolls
355005 minutes of Cash Boost
36550x4 Four-Star Sticker Pack
38800x350 Hot Rod Wheels
393200x2700 Dice Rolls
40850x6 Five-Star Sticker Pack
41900x550 Dice Rolls
42950x500 Hot Rod Wheels
441000x800 Dice Rolls
461400x6 Five-Star Sticker Pack
471800x650 Hot Rod Wheels
486200x6000 Dice Rolls

Managing to complete the event will net you a total of 14,320 Dice, as well as lots of cash (related to your current board) and many stickers, as well as some other small boosts you can get for completing your current board ASAP. As usual, focusing on the event is one of the best ways to progress in the game.

How to Score Points in the Monopoly GO Girl Power Event

If you want to get more points for the Monopoly Go Girl Power Event, you have to grab some Pickups scattered around multiple rent tiles in your board. Each pickup grants you 2 points, and your current dice multiplier will affect the amount you get. A x2 multiplier means you get 4 points at once, and so on.

When Does the Girl Power Event End in Monopoly GO?

The Girl Power Event in Monopoly Go lasts until March 10, 2024, so there’s plenty of time to grab a good portion of the available rewards. While fully completing it might be out of reach if you don’t have a huge amount of saved dice (or some insane luck), you can still net yourself some good loot from the event, especially if you get some extra rolls here and there for free.

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