Monopoly GO: All Cranberry Carnival Rewards Listed

Get ready for dice, food, and celebrations all around!

Monopoly GO Cranberry Carnival event rewards
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November is a month of celebration for many, especially if you have Thanksgiving this week and want to enjoy it by hopping on Monopoly GO and participating in the next themed event. Here’s a complete list of every Cranberry Carnival event reward in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO Cranberry Carnival Event Rewards and Task List

Monopoly GO’s Cranberry Carnival event allows you to obtain 42 rewards over the next two days. By landing on one of four tiles around the board, you’ll gain points toward each prize, allowing you to obtain free dice, cash, and stickers.

Below is every Cranberry Carnival event reward listed and their required points:

Cranberry Carnival Event Rewards: Levels 1-10

Cranberry Carnival LevelPoints NeededRewards
2510 dice rolls
310One-Star Sticker Pack
450130 dice rolls
615One-Star Sticker Pack
71510 minutes of Rent Frenzy
9100225 dice rolls
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Cranberry Carnival Event Rewards: Levels 11-20

Cranberry Carnival LevelPoints NeededRewards
1125One-Star Sticker Pack
13250480 dice rolls
1540Two-Star Sticker Pack
17400750 dice rolls
185010 minutes of High Roller
1975Three-Star Sticker Pack
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Cranberry Carnival Event Rewards: Levels 21-30

Cranberry Carnival LevelPoints NeededRewards
217001,100 dice rolls
2260Two-Star Sticker Pack
Gold Guaranteed
247015 minutes of Cash Grab
2580100 dice rolls
27150Four-Star Sticker Pack
28200250 dice rolls
301,2002,000 dice rolls
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Cranberry Carnival Event Rewards: Levels 31-42

Cranberry Carnival LevelPoints NeededRewards
313005 minutes of Cash Boost
32400Four-Star Sticker Pack
341,8002,700 dice rolls
35550Five-Star Sticker Pack
37700800 dice rolls
39750900 dice rolls
40800Four-Star Sticker Pack
Gold Guaranteed
424,3007,000 dice rolls
Four-Star Sticker Pack
Gold Guaranteed
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Having lots of dice rolls and using your multipliers wisely is the key to getting every reward during this event. If you’re close to using up your supply, reduce your multiplier when you’re far from a point tile and increase it as you approach one.

Using spots like Chance and Jail can also give you opportunities to get more dice rolls, allowing you to continue your circles around the board once more.

How to Score Points in the Monopoly GO Cranberry Carnival Event

You can score points during Monopoly GO’s Cranberry Carnival event by landing on Tax and Utility tiles. Below is a breakdown of the points:

  • Tax tiles: Three points
  • Utility tiles: Two points

These points increase as you use dice multipliers, allowing you to obtain dozens or even hundreds of points, depending on how many you use.

When Does the Cranberry Carnival Event End in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO’s Cranberry Carnival event ends on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. This duration leaves you only 48 hours or two days to get all 42 rewards before another event starts immediately after. If you want to win every prize, start now and use your dice rolls wisely!

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