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Trading Gold Stickers/Cards in Monopoly GO
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Gold stickers are notoriously difficult to obtain in Monopoly GO, so it’s easy to wonder if there is a hidden secret to getting them. Let’s tackle the age-old question of whether you can trade gold stickers, also known as gold cards, in Monopoly GO.

What Are Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO?

Gold stickers are among the rarest cards you can obtain in Monopoly GO. Since they appear almost exclusively in gold sticker packs, you’ll encounter them infrequently compared to regular cards. You’ll know you’re opening a gold card pack when the top corner of the package is gold while the bottom corner is a color.

Gold cards can also range from one-star to five-star, much like a regular card. The main differences are their color, rarity, and trading rules.

Does Monopoly GO Have Gold Stickers Trading?

Typically, you cannot trade gold stickers in Monopoly GO. The only exception to this is during the Golden Blitz limited-time event. However, since it has limited availability and some restrictions, it isn’t a reliable source of gold card trading unless you get lucky and find the one you need. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on opening sticker packs to get some.

What is the Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly GO?

The Golden Blitz event allows you to send a random, pre-determined gold sticker to someone in exchange for a random one. It also only appears 24 hours at a time, giving you only one day to trade them. As long as you hop into Monopoly GO at least once a day, you have pretty good odds of finding a Golden Blitz event eventually.

Furthermore, the gold card you can give and receive from the Golden Blitz event is random. You cannot choose which sticker you can give away, nor can you pick the exact one you’ll receive. The stickers are pre-determined and are the same for every player.

Unfortunately, this is an on-and-off limited-time event, so that you won’t see it often. While it will likely return occasionally, it won’t be an opportunity you can take advantage of often. After all, there are still sticker packs to open.

Monopoly GO is available on Android and iOS. If you’ve been struggling with trading recently, check out trade reset times in Monopoly GO explained or click the game tag below to find our growing article collection.

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