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MLB The Show 23 Trophies and Achievements Listed

Who needs a Silver Slugger when you can earn a Platinum Trophy?

by Grant Testa
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MLB The Show 23 has arrived for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on March 28, 2023. The officially licensed game of Major League Baseball is the 18th installment in San Diego Studio’s long-running series, which started all the way back in 2006 with the release of MLB 06: The Show. Along with its baseball gameplay, MLB the Show features a trophy and achievement list on PlayStation and Xbox for its players to complete on the way to the platinum trophy or 1,000 Gamerscore. Here is the list of every trophy and achievement in MLB The Show 23, including their rarities and Gamerscore values.

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MLB The Show 23 Trophies and Achievements

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Champion of the Diamond! (Platinum Trophy)

Achieve all trophies in MLB The Show 23. (PlayStation only)

Quick Turnaround (Gold Trophy / 70 Gamerscore)

Achieve a five star offseason within March To October.

Here comes the paint! (Gold Trophy / 70 Gamerscore)

Acquire any diamond level Starting Pitcher card from a program reward or card pack.

Unparalleled Pro (Gold Trophy / 70 Gamerscore)

In Diamond Dynasty, reach level 3 parallel on any player card.

NLB Historian (Gold Trophy / 70 Gamerscore)

Complete all the Negro League Baseball storylines.

Back to Back Jacks! (Gold Trophy / 70 Gamerscore)

Hit back to back home runs within any mode. (Excludes simulated gameplay)  

Make The Dance (Gold Trophy / 70 Gamerscore)

Make the POSTSEASON within March to October.

Heart of the City (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

In any game mode, play a game with a City Connect uniform.

Old School (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

In any game mode, have a closer pitch two innings for a save. (Excludes simulated gameplay or joining game moments in progress)

Guess What’s Coming (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

In any game mode, strikeout a batter using only one type of pitch. (Must be a full at-bat. Excludes simulated gameplay, using Quick Counts, joining moments)

Follow the Hype Train (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Complete two or more Moments.

Designated Dinger (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

In any mode, hit a home run with your team’s Designated Hitter. (Excludes simulated gameplay)

Lead the Way Cap (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

In Diamond Dynasty, unlock a captain’s tier two ability within your squad builder.

Another Paper Weight! (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

In Mini Seasons, have a member of your team win any award.

Job Security (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Achieve both the Yearly and Contract goal for your GM within Franchise.

Future of the Franchise (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Draft a player in the amateur draft in Franchise or March to October.

This Day in History (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Play a Topps Now Moment.

Brand Deal (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Equip two or more items of the same equipment brand on your Ballplayer or created player.

Looking Good! (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Create your team’s custom uniform in Diamond Dynasty.

Back in My Day (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Win a game within Retro Mode.

This Hobby of Mine (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

In Diamond Dynasty, claim three collection rewards.

If You Love Something… (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Sell a diamond rarity card on the community market, using the “Sell Now” option.

Just Getting Started (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

In Diamond Dynasty, complete any program.

Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

In custom practice, create a custom play.

To the Moon! (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Hit a HR with at least 5 seconds or more of hang time. (Excludes simulated gameplay)

Baseball Beats to Play To (Bronze Trophy / 20 Gamerscore)

Within the jukebox menu, play a new song from the Jukebox.

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