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Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Online Racing Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst comes with a great campaign filled with exciting moments, along with a good online component where players can set up their own races and compete against others through leaderboards. There may be no direct online multiplayer, but at least you won’t have anyone getting in your way.

Take advantage of this with these online tips for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

The Multiplayer Modes of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

The three modes you’ll find in this portion of the game are Time Trial, Beat Location and Dashes. They’re all similar in nature and you’ll see them on your map, depending on what’s been created and shared.

Time Trials are pretty much a run of point-A-to-point-B in the quickest time possible. They’re quite similar to what the first game had to offer, where you have to mount over obstacles, get across chasms and use whatever shortcuts you can find within Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst’s world to get there.

Beat Locations work just like Time Trials, but with a more pivotal location on the map, including some that can be a bit of a challenge to reach, like an upper portion of a building or a billboard way up high in the city. These could take a little while to get to, but savvy Mirror’s Edge players won’t have any problem tackling these.

Finally, there are Dashes, and these are challenges that enable you to race in the fastest time possible – like Time Trials, but set up by the community. You can find the best tips on creating your own ideal events below.

With that, the same rules we outlined with the single player tips apply with Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst’s multiplayer. You can set up a tracker that provides a route to follow to get to this point (with a red beacon floating around), but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the fastest. Look out for shortcut opportunities, like zip lines, walls you can mount off of and jumps that can take you to a lower area.

Check out other players’ times and search for certain “hot spots” on your route. Is there a wall you can run along? Perhaps even a ledge to shimmy around to avoid running like crazy? Look around – the answer could be right in front of you.

Creating a Racing Event in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

One neat feature about the game is being able to create your own events. The more exposure it gets through the online community, the more widespread it’ll become with your friends. With that, it’s best to start slow and simple.

Check out what Dashes and other player events have been created. Even if you don’t get to complete them in the fastest time (the first run-through, anyway), you’ll get an idea of what kind of events are put together. From there, plot your course – do a little digging around the city and see what would be a good point A, then do some exploring and set up point B. Then give it a run and see how it pieces together for you.

The goal is to create a cool run that will bring players back for more. Don’t make it too easy, but don’t go overboard and put the second point impossible to reach. Plotting a course that challenges friends and newcomers alike is the best course of action. Remember, have fun with it!

While getting the best times in the game can take a bit of work (some players have already proven to be running pros) these tips will help you master some of the best events in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst – and create a few of your own.

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