Minecraft How to Fix Java Error Code 1603

Minecraft – How to Fix Java Error Code 1603

Java as in… coffee? I just want to stack blocks not learn a programming language!

If you play Minecraft Java version on a PC, you may sometimes get Java-related errors. Error Code 1603 is related to a Java update that most likely didn’t complete, and it can prevent you from starting Minecraft. How can you fix this Java issue and get back to your Minecraft world as soon as possible? Find out in the guide below.

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Minecraft: How to Fix Java Error Code 1603

Resolving this issue will require some Java troubleshooting, but don’t worry, you won’t need to learn to program in Java, the solution lies in the reinstallation of the Java software and possibly toggling some checkboxes.

Java Error Code 1603 Solution 1 – Restart your PC and uninstall old versions of Java

To restart your system and try to install Java again:

  1. When the error 1603 popup up, just restart your PC,
  2. Once it boots again, download the offline installer,
  3. Run the installer,

If that doesn’t help you can try to uninstall all existing installed versions of Java from your system:

  1. Go to Apps and Features (Win10)
  2. Find all previously installed Java versions.
  3. Uninstall them all.
  4. Restart your PC.

After that, repeat steps 2 and 3 from the first guide above.

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Java Error Code 1603 Solution 2 – Disable Java through Java Control Panel

The other option is to disable Java in the browser before starting the installation because sometimes that can cause problems as well. So if your Java installation or update fails and you get a 1603 error, close the installer and:

  1. Open the Java Control Panel
  2. Uncheck the “Enable Java content in the browser” box
  3. In the Java Control Panel go into the Security tab
  4. Uncheck the “Enable Java content in the browser” box
  5. Click Apply to save the settings

After that, reinstall Java as explained in the guides above, and once it is installed you will need to manually re-enable Java content in the browser the same way you disabled it.

That should help it! And if it doesn’t, well… there is always the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, maybe it is time for that switch.

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