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Minecraft Bedrock 1.19: Best Y Level for Iron

What an iron pick guide.

by Shawn Robinson
Minecraft Iron Ore

Crafting and slaying foes is one-half of the Minecraft experience. The other half is, you guessed it, heading down into the deepest depths and caving out resources from different Y levels. With the introduction of the more recent Caves and Cliffs update, a ton of ore changes make getting certain ores particularly challenging. While by no means the rarest ore in the game, Iron has seen changes that make it tough to find. Here’s the best Y level for Iron in Minecraft 1.19 on Bedrock.

Where to Mine Iron in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

With the Caves and Cliffs update, Minecraft’s ores now use straight-line and triangle distributions. That may sound weird at first, but trust us, it’s quite simple. A straight-line distribution is the same as ore spawning in old Minecraft, where between certain Y levels you’d find the same amount of ore. A triangle distribution, on the other hand, is between the same amount of space but will increase the ore spawn rates the closer you are to the triangle’s tip (with the triangle on its side of course). For example, Diamond could have a triangle distribution between Y levels 15 and -49, with something like Y -23 being the level to most commonly find Diamond (that isn’t how Diamonds spawn, though).

With that background info out of the way (who knew this game could be so complicated?), Iron Ore can be found in a few place. There’s a triangle distribution between Y level 80 and the world height, though mining there is obviously a little troublesome. There’s also a straight-line distribution between Y level 72 and the bottom of the world, though that isn’t super helpful. That leaves two possible choices. The first is a triangle distribution between Y 56 and -24, with the most ore spawning at Y level 15. The other option is to mine in deepslate, where it’s possible to find something called a large ore vein. This is a vein with potentially hundreds of Iron Ore all strung together, though is quite rare.

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If we were you, we’d suggest just going to Y level 15 and using your favorite mining method to farm up a ton of Iron Ore. It’s the most consistent method and can spawn heaps of Iron Ore. While making an Iron farm would probably be a simpler choice and net infinite amounts of iron, this should still prove a fruitful method. Good luck mining away!

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