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Metroid Dread Boss Guide | Golzuna

by Lucas White

Most of the time you expect boss fights to be unique characters or monsters, encounters you won’t have anywhere else. In some cases however, you can run into a souped-up version of a more common enemy. That’s exactly what’s happening here with Golzuna, a surprisingly dangerous boss encounter that is hiding behind an unthreatening image. Stay on your guard during this battle, as small mistakes add up fast.

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When you first run into Golzuna, it just looks like a regular ol’ Muzby. You’ve fought several of these crab-like creatures before, and fighting this guy is no different at first. Once you do what should be the final blow, Golzuna will break out of its disguise and begin to reveal its true form. 

This first transformation isn’t so bad. Golzuna is basically a large, armored Muzby and fighting it at this point is pretty similar. The major difference is that unlike before, there’s no counter opportunity. Instead, as Golzuna prepares to charge, you have to slide underneath it, then fire on its new, glowing weak point. The biggest challenge here is getting the timing down, as Samus doesn’t have long to take aim before the boss turns back around.

Golzuna’s final form is the one that’ll wipe you out if you mess up. After growing in size once again, Golzuna will also use an attack that covers the area in little circles. Those circles turn out to be explosives, and if you don’t get out of the way you’re done. These bombs explode in “plus” shapes, so stay moving and you’ll get by.

Finally, much like the battle with Escue, Golzuna will transform into a floating X creature that chases you while building momentum. Play the keepaway game once again, and the boss will eventually bite the dust and reward you with the Cross Bomb. Frankly I hardly remember what you even need the Cross Bomb for, but here’s where it comes from.

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