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Metroid Dread Boss Guide | Escue

by Lucas White

Another day, another step towards a complete Metroid Dread boss guide. This time we’re looking at Escue, a sort of insect-like creature that flies around and shoots at Samus. It also has electricity powers, and introduces some of the weirdness that comes with fighting X-infested bosses. Here’s the breakdown, but if you just want a simple hint, here it is.


In all seriousness, there aren’t any tricks to Escue. Its attacks are a pain to deal with, but once you’ve dealt with them all you don’t need to worry about Escue mixing things up on you. Well, there’s a twist of sorts at the end, but we’ll get to that later. Just know that missiles and charged shots are all you need here, for offense.

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Defending yourself is a little more complicated. If nothing else, Escue is fast, so you need to be able to optimize your jumping and flash shifting. Escue can fire three different projectiles at you, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern. You just have to react! 

First, is a slow(ish) moving purple orb that disappears once it hits you or the wall. Easy enough to avoid, but the second attack makes it tricky. If the orb sticks to the ground instead of going away, you have maybe a second to react and jump as the ground is covered by an electric discharge. It’s just a flash so you don’t need to get tricky and stay in the air, but you do probably need to double jump or shift to clear the hazard for sure.

The third projectile is a lot more intimidating. Escue will fire a barrage of purple homing projectiles that will sail past you and hit the ground, but only if you aren’t in the way. They’re fast and Escue fires several of them before it stops, so you’ll need to make use of all your mobility tricks to get away unscathed. 

Finally, if Escue seems to be pulling its whole body back, it’s about to just charge you with its face. Depending on positioning you either need to slide or flash shift out of the way. You can also jump backwards, but hopping over Escue isn’t easy. Especially if it covers itself with electricity, which makes it entirely impervious to damage.

Once you hit Escue enough it will discard its insect body and morph into a black, amorphous wad of goo, and then morph into what looks like an evil stress ball. This thing will float around and charge you, but if you shoot it you’ll get some X parasites you can absorb and the boss will be knocked back. 

But as it recovers, it’ll start charging you again before its invincibility period ends. So don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t react to attacks right away. You need to wait a beat before you can hit Escue again. A few rounds of this and Escue will bite the dust, and you’ll be rewarded with a globular upgrade called the Storm Missile. With this, Samus channels a little Panzer Dragoon and is able to lock on to multiple targets.

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