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Meg’s Monster Achievements Listed

A rundown of all achievements in Odencat's upcoming short JRPG

by Grant Testa

Meg’s Monster, a new under-the-radar indie JRPG getting some positive early reviews is set to launch for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on March 2, 2023. According to the game’s description, Meg’s Monster tasks players to “Take control of the Underworld’s grumpiest ghoul to help a lost little girl find her way home in this creepy-cute indie adventure. Just be warned: if she cries, the whole world dies.” The story-driven title from Odencat seems to take influence from Undertale, one of the previous generation’s most acclaimed roleplaying games. Recently, Meg’s Monster’s Steam and Xbox achievements were revealed, giving players a preview of every challenge required for 100% completion and the coveted 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore. Let’s take a look at the achievements and their corresponding Gamerscore for Meg’s Monster.

Meg’s Monster Achievements

Babysitter (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Temporarily adopted the human child.

Fly Me to the Moon (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Acquired the toy rocket ship.

The Recluse (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Met the underworld’s only human resident.

What a Creep (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Took back the photo from some creeper.

Apology Accepted (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Made things right with Meg.

Forbidden Lands (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Set foot into the world above.

Friends Till the End (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Fought to save Meg.

An Ending (75 Xbox Gamerscore)

Brought the story to its end.

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Gustav the Great (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Defeated the first council member.

Nancy the Nimble (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Defeated the second council member.

Catch of the Day (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Defeated the gargantuan fish.

Len the Loudmouth (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Defeated the third council member.

Sebastian the Sage (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Defeated the fourth council member.

The True Victor (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Defeated the lab chief.

An Ending Rewritten (75 Xbox Gamerscore)

Reached an alternate conclusion.

Finders Keepers (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Witnessed Territorial Punk’s sub-event.

Training Montage (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Witnessed Morgan’s sub-event.

Hamburger Helper (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Completed Joey and Creeper’s sub-events.

Founding Father (50 Xbox Gamerscore)

Learned the truth about Sebastian.

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