There are a number of items and parts in Dr. Light’s Lab in Mega Man 11. These items basically make the game easier in some way, shape or form. However, many of these items must be unlocked before you can purchase them with screws. In this article we’ll cover how to unlock items and parts in Mega Man 11, so you have free reign to purchase everything from Dr. Light’s Lab. Be warned, if you unlock items in Dr. Light’s Lab in Mega Man 11, the game becomes easier and easier!

Unlocking Items and Parts

Most of the items in Mega Man 11 can be unlocked without beating a single boss. In fact, only two items require you to defeat a single enemy in the game. So if you’re having a hard time making it through the Normal mode, spend a little bit of time grinding to unlock all of these items, as well as collecting some screws, and the game becomes significantly easier.

It should be noted that some of the unlock requirements are a bit easier if you play on the Newcomer setting. That makes some items even easier to unlock, making the game overall pretty simple. Although if you’re a younger player or have no experience with side-scrolling shooters, you may want to play the game as easy as possible!

Item / Part How to Unlock Notes
Awakener Chip Beat Dr. Wily. N/A
Buster Plus Chip Shoot 500 shots from the Mega Buster. Only 250 shots required on Newcomer difficulty.
Capsule Catcher Use up a full gauge for any special weapon or Rush ability at least 30 times. N/A
Cooling System Activate the Double Gear system at least 100 times. Only 50 activations are required on Newcomer difficulty.
Cooling System Infinity Beat Dr. Wily. N/A
Energy Balancer Neo Buy the Energy Balancer from Dr. Light's Shop. N/A
Energy Catcher Get to the Gamer Over screen 10 times. N/A
Pierce Protector Die five times by hitting a spike. N/A
Power Shield Get hit by a combined total of at least 200 points of damage. Only 100 points of damage are required on Newcomer difficulty.
Screw Catcher Only unlocks on Saturdays. You can set your system clock to Saturday or wait until Saturday to unlock this item.
Speed Gear Booster Activate Speed Gear at least 50 times. Only 25 activations are required on Newcomer difficulty.

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