Mega Man 11 isn’t really a difficult game to grasp, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy game to play through. Knowing everything you can do will help get through some of the harder areas, which is why we’ve taken care of providing the Mega Man 11 controls for you. While some of the controls are easy enough to discover, some aren’t as easy to find. Don’t worry, all of the Mega Man 11 controls you could want or need can be found right here!

Mega Man 11 Controls

Notation Action (PS4 / Xbox) Notes
Shoot Square / X Hold to charge.
Jump X / A N/A
Rush Coil Triangle / Y Must have Rush Meter available.
Rush Jet Circle / B Must have Rush Meter available.
Speed Gear R1 / RB Must have Gear Meter available.
Power Gear L1 / LB Must have Gear Meter available.
Double Gear R1+L1 / RB+LB Must have Gear Meter available.
Next Weapon R2 / RT N/A
Previous Weapon L2 / LT N/A
Weapon Quick Select Right Analog Stick N/A
Slide Down + X / A Slide into low profile areas.
Rapid Shot Rapidly Tap Square / X N/A

Shoot - Press the button once for a single shot, tap rapidly for rapid fire, or hold the button for a short time, then release to execute a charge shot that inflicts more damage and can temporarily blast away some shields.

Jump - In a normal environment Mega Man will jump a standard height. However, if Mega Man is under water or in a similarly diverse area, his jumps can go much higher and will have a different speed of acceleration.

Rush Coil - You get this Rush ability by default at the start of the game. As long as you have any amount of Rush Meter (the red gauge), you can summon Rush who will create a coil that you can use to bounce on and reach high places. You will not use any Rush Meter until you actually jump on the coil.

Rush Jet - The Rush Jet is not unlocked until you have defeated at least four of the Robot Master bosses in the game. Once you have it available to you, it allows Mega Man to traverse areas quickly, without touching the ground. It can even be used in mid-air!

Gear System - Speed Gear slows down time, allowing Mega Man to avoid spikes and other hazards, as well as fire his weapon rapidly while enemies move in slow motion. Power Gear increases the power of Mega Man’s weapons. Double Gear gives you both perks at once, but once the effect wears off Mega Man’s normal weapon is weaker for a short time. You can only use these abilities for a limited time or else Mega Man will overheat and all Gear System abilities will be lost temporarily.

Weapon Selection - You can use the shoulder buttons to quickly cycle through weapons, or use the Right Analog Stick to quickly select a specific weapon.

Slide - Use the slide to quickly move across the ground. You can also slide over single block gaps or reach low profile areas.

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