The Medium | List of All Achievements

Read through these before starting The Medium to help you unlock as many achievements as possible.

For gamers who like to unlock achievements in the games they play, running through a list of achievements beforehand can be extremely helpful as you’ll know what things you should keep an eye out for. In The Medium, there are several achievements that can be unlocked simply by playing through the game’s campaign.

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However, there are other achievements that require specific parameters to be met, and it’s these that are the hardest to unlock. To help get a proper start, here’s a list of all the achievements you can unlock in The Medium! 

The Medium | List of All Achievements

As previously mentioned, you can unlock a number of achievements in The Medium by playing through the game’s story. The more chapters you complete, the more achievements you’ll unlock.

You can also unlock some achievements naturally by doing things like inspecting items and discovering collectibles, like postcards from the groundskeeper. Others are kept hidden, and if you’re playing through the game without reviewing the achievements, you won’t know what some of these are unless you unlock them.

With this in mind, we do recommend looking over the list of achievements. However, if you want to avoid spoilers, we’ll section off each selection of achievements.

The first list of achievements will be free of spoilers. The second will contain potential spoilers for the game.

The Medium – Achievements (No Spoilers)

  • Left Behind (10g): Find an Echo.
  • Caught The Scent (10g): Find an Echo of a mysterious caller.
  • I Know the Pieces Fit (10g): Reconstruct a Memory Shard.
  • Inner Investigator (10g): Inspect 25 objects in a single playthrough.
  • Guiding Light (10g): Find a page from a mentor’s diary.
  • A Dangerous Method (10g): Find a note from a troubled man.
  • From Niwa With Love (10g): Find a postcard from the groundskeeper.
  • * Famished Feline (20g): Feed the cat in Jack’s apartment.
  • Through The Looking Glass (20g): Use a mirror to cross over.
  • * Conduit (20g): Use Spirit Blast to create electricity.
  • * Medium Rare (20g): Burn through the moths using Spirit Shield.
  • Spirit Walking (20g): Spend 10 minutes outside your body (Out of Body Experience).
  • * You Saw, You Ran, You Lived (20g): Survive a monstrous encounter.
  • * Running Sim (30g): Run 2 kilometers. 
  • Dual Detective (30g): Inspect 50 objects in a single playthrough.
  • Insightful (30g): Use Insight for at least 15 minutes.
  • Phantom (40g): Escape the creature without alerting it.
  • Calling Out to Me (40g): Find all Echoes in a single playthrough.
  • Puzzling Out the Past (40g): Reconstruct all Memory Shards in a single playthrough.
  • Psychic Sleuth (50g): Inspect 100 objects in a single playthrough.
  • * Can’t Always Save Everyone (100g): Finish the game. 

The Medium – Achievements (Potential Spoilers)

  • * The Last Goodbye (20g): Send Jack’s spirit away.
  • * Welcome to Niwa (20g): Reach the hotel.
  • * The Cheerful Kind (20g): Meet Sadness.
  • * The Childeater (20g): Experience your first vision of Thomas.
  • * Unforgiven (20g): Send the Childeater away.
  • * Among The Ashes (20g): Find the Red House.
  • * The Hound (20g): Experience your second vision of Thomas.
  • * Unrepentant (20g): Send the Hound away.
  • * The Pact (20g): Uncover the mystery of the burned down house.
  • * Dark Water (20g): Make it through the pump station.
  • * Mirror, Mirror On The Wall (20g): Complete the broken mirror.
  • * Edge Of Sanity (20g): Acquire the razor.
  • * Cut The Crap (20g): Acquire the bolt cutters.
  • * Thunderstruck (30g): Defeat the creature in the flooded ruins.
  • * Devouring Darkness (40g): Find all pages from Richard’s diary in a single playthrough.
  • * An Unknown Outcome (40g): Find all of Thomas’ notes in a single playthrough.
  • * All That’s Left Unsaid (40g): Find all of Frank’s postcards in a single playthrough.
  • * Follow The Trail (40g): Find all of Henry’s Echoes in a single playthrough.
* = Secret Achievement

After looking over all of the achievements, you’ll see how it should be easy to earn most (if not all) of them during your first playthrough.

As long as you take your time and inspect items, reconstruct Memory Shards, uncover Echoes, and inspect and pick up items like notes and postcards, you should be able to unlock a hearty number of achievements.

Some of the more difficult ones include evading the creature without alerting it and inspecting 100 total items. In the event you miss some of these achievements, you can either load previous autosaves, or go back and start a brand new game in the event you ignored item collection the first time around.

We hope this helps, happy achievement hunting! 

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