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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Where to Find Uranium

by Josh Hawkins

Uranium is one of the rarest of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Uncommon Materials, and while it can be purchased from some merchants, it runs upwards of 110 Credits per piece. This can lead to some costly purchases by players, so we’ve put together a quick article to help you find Uranium in Mass Effect: Andromeda, out in the wild. Of course, you’ll need to have progress to the fourth main mission, Hunting the Archon, at which point you’ll gain access to a world that offers plenty of Uranium for mining and crafting.

Where to Find Uranium

One of the first places we found Uranium was on the planet Remav, or H-047C. This is one of the “golden worlds” that the Andromeda Initiative discovered before heading to Andromeda, and since the Nexus’ arrival, it has been destroyed and left barren. Players can visit this planet after they interrogate VehnTerev in Main Mission 4: Hunting the Archon.

Once you have the location for Remav, head to the planet and exit the Tempest. Board the Nomad and make your way southeast of the Tempest’s landing zone. You should reach a huge dome. There are several Uranium Nodes in here that you can mine, which should net you good few hundred of the material. That should be more than enough to get you started crafting your Remnant Armor or Maverick Armor, but just in case, we’ve included the location of more Uranium below.

Players can also locate Uranium during the mission Journey to Meridian, which is the fifth story mission in the main questline. There are several nodes that can be mined and exploited in KhiTashira, which players can reach after they land in the Remnant city in the Civki system. Once you have all the Uranium that you need, head back to the Tempest and get started crafting.

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