Decisions, Decisions...


At Prima Games we love games that change, depending upon your choices.  In Mass Effect: Andromeda there is a particularly important one that drastically affects the end-game.  Every Mass Effect fan needs to know this.

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After players first meet up with the Angaran, they learn that a powerful member of their society, the Moshae, has been taken hostage by the Kett. In order to gain access to the Remnant Vault on Aya—the Angaran world—the player is asked to rescue the Moshae and prove that they are trustworthy. Near the end of the mission, A Trail of Hope, players must make a tough decision, a decision that could make or break their later attempts at squelching the Kett onslaught in Mass Effect: Andromeda’s later missions.

Save the Angaran or Destroy the Kett Facility

After taking on the Kett Cardinal, and learning a nasty secret about Andromeda’s number one enemy, The Pathfinder and their companions save the Moshae and must make a vital decision to either save the Angaran and spare the Cardinal, or destroy the entire Kett facility and the Angaran trapped within it. If you bring Jaal along for the journey, he’ll argue against the Moshae’s insistence to destroy the facility.

There are three main choices here, though two of them are very similar. You can either:

  • A: Destroy the facility and the Angaran within it.
  • B: Allow the facility to continue operating, and then kill the Cardinal during a narrative action. This will free the Angaran from their pods.
  • C: Allow the facility to continue operating and spare the Cardinal so that she can continue to rebuild the Kett’s army of Chosen.

Choosing to destroy the facility and the Angaran will make it so that the resistance forces are heavily affected, and due to their numbers being cut down so much, they’ll be unable to help you during later missions of the game.

If you choose to save the Angaran, and spare or kill the Cardinal after they are freed, then the Angaran forces will join you in later end-game missions to provide assistance in your fight against the Kett war machine. The best choice, overall, is to allow the facility to continue operating, and free the Angaran. This gives you the best chance later on in the story, and also earns you quite a bit of respect from Jaal, as a companion. The Moshae won’t be exactly please, but if you do kill the Cardinal during a narrative action, she’ll at least be somewhat happy about the ending.

Once you’ve made your decision, A Trail of Hope isn’t completed just yet. You’ll still have to escape from the Kett facility, which you can do by checking out our in-depth walkthrough in the official Prima Games strategy guide. Or, you can return to our free Mass Effect: Andromeda game hub for even more helpful guides like how to get the best shotgun and more.