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Mass Effect: Andromeda Sleeping Dragons – How to Get Rid of Protestors

by Josh Hawkins

After you establish your outpost on Eos, you return to the Nexus to find that several protestors have taken up a spot in Hydroponics, where they are busy demanding that their family members be released from Cryo and returned to them. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about this the Sleeping Dragons quest in Mass Effect: Andromeda, including what happens if you talk them down, or support them.

How to Complete Sleeping Dragons

Make your way to the Hydroponics area of the Nexus once you receive this quest. Due to the unrest called by the protest, and the history that the Nexus has with rebellion, the Nexus authorities have deemed it necessary to remove the protestors from the area by force. You have one chance to shut it all down, but you’ll need to make a quick decision.

Once in the Hydroponics area, approach the protestors and speak to them to learn that your decision to settle Eos (no matter which type of outpost you chose first) has left their families at the back of the line as others have been pulled from Cryo to fill in the space at the outpost. You can either talk them down, and get them to break away, or you can stand up with them and speak to the Nexus Authorities and pull a few strings.

If you talk them down, the protests end quietly and without much trouble. The protestors go about their way, but the Nexus Authorities continue to watch them, wary of another rebellion breaking out.

Stand Up for the Protestors

If you want to bring the protests to an end, and actually help the people out, you can. Simply tell them that you’ll speak to the authorities, and then make your way to Nexus Operations and find Kandros. Speak to him about the “stasis protestors”, and he’ll call a meeting. All the main authorities on the Nexus show up, including Tann, Addison, and Kesh. Here you can make your final choice.

To side with the protestors and get a non-violent conclusion, answer “We have a whole planet!” and then end the conversation with the option “No. The protestors are right.” This will avoid confrontation, and you’ll need to authorize the stasis revivals from Operations.

Follow the waypoint up the Nexus Operations, and interact with the console marked on your HUD to bring the families out of stasis. One of the protestors arrives to thank you personally, and then hurries off to greet his mother as she comes out. Things will be tight for now, as you search for new outposts to set up, but you can relax and know that you had the backs of the people when they needed you most.

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