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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Save Krogan Scouts or Pathfinder Raeka

by Prima Games Staff

During the main mission Hunting the Archon, players must face a very challenging decision. Will they save Pathfinder Raek, or will they side with their companion, Drack and save his Krogan Scouts? This decision is pretty vital to how the game plays out within the final hours, and players should be aware of the consequences that come with each choice. In this article we’ll break down the various outcomes, so that players know what they are getting themselves in Mass Effect: Andromeda to save Krogan Scouts or save Pathfinder Raeka.

Choosing the Pathfinder

While uncovering the mystery of the Salarian Ark, players must decide whether to save a group of Krogan scouts or Pathfinder Raeka and several other Salarians. If you choose to save the Pathfinder Raek, you’ll then have to fight through a group of Kett soldiers until you find several Salarians imprisoned by the enemy. Free them, and then Pathfinder Raek will return to your ship, allowing you to call upon her for aid. The Krogan scouts will remain under the control of the Archon, though, but you will win some favor with Kallo, the Tempest’s Salarian pilot. 

Choosing to let the Krogan remain under the Archon’s control will allow them to create Krogan Behemoths, which are very dangerous and strong enemies you’ll have to face throughout the rest of the game.

Choosing the Krogan

If you decide to let the Krogan live, then you must complete the mission very similarly to how you would by choosing Pathfinder Raeka. The Salarian command will not join your crew on the Tempest, though, and a new Pathfinder, Captain Hayjer will take over the position. You’ll save several Krogan, though, and Drack will be absolutely delighted with your work. You’ll also remove the Krogan from the Kett’s prisons, which will keep them from creating the dangerous Krogan Behemoths that you would have to face otherwise. You will find several Salarians in the enemy’s employ now, though, but they aren’t nearly as hard to take down as a Krogan.

This is one of the most important choices in the game because it directly determines the setup that your enemy has throughout the rest of the game, so keep that in mind when making this decision. Now that you know how this decision affects the rest of the game, you should be able to make a wise decision while completing Hunt the Archon, in Mass Effect: Andromeda’s main storyline. Curious how long it will take to beat Mass Effect: Andromeda? We can help!

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