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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Ryder Family Secrets, All Memory Trigger Locations

by Prima Games Staff

Ryder Family Secrets is a side operation that players acquire after arriving on the Nexus near the beginning of Mass Effect: Andromeda. SAM, the AI who used to be melded with your father, is now connected to you, but your father has put several memories under some form of lock to keep you from being overwhelmed. You must find a certain number of Memory Triggers to unlock the memories and learn your father’s secrets. 

Memory Trigger #1 – Hyperion

The first Memory Trigger is found in your father’s room, which is the door next to SAM Node on the Hyperion. Head inside and look for the glowing ball near the kitchen table.

Memory Trigger #2 – Eos

The next Memory Trigger can be found on Eos, the first Uncharted World that you must explore after you obtain the Tempest. Head to Site 1: Promise, where you first land on Eos, and then make your way up the cliff that looms over the site. Interact with the glowing orb to claim it.

Memory Trigger #3 – Eos

The third Memory Trigger is found near the Kett facility on Eos. Look for a cliff to the north, and then climb up it to locate the Memory Trigger.

Memory Trigger #4 – Eos

You’ll find the fourth Memory Trigger in Prodromos, near Austin Bradley. It’s hard to miss. Look for it after you settle Eos and claim it to get one step closer to unlocking more memories.

Memory Trigger #5 – Havarl

The fifth Memory Trigger can be found on Havarl. Locate the Turian encampment during the mission “Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet” and locate this Memory Trigger under a tall light amongst some crates.

Memory Trigger #6 – Havarl

Make your way to Mithrava to find this Memory Trigger. The easiest way to find this Memory Trigger is to reach the top of the tower during the quest A Dying Planet. You’ll see the glowing orb near an Angaran statue.

Memory Trigger #7 – Havarl

The seventh Memory Trigger is in the Forgotten Depths. This is another area reached during the quest “A Dying Planet”. Follow Taavos to the remains of the third vault on Havarl. Activate the vault, then look north of the Remnant console and the Gravity Well to spot this glowing Memory Trigger.

Memory Trigger #8 – Voeld

Make your way south of the Forward Base at Hjara and use the Nomad to climb to the peak of the mountain that faces the Angaran outpost. The Memory Trigger will be on the edge of the mountain face.

Memory Trigger #9 – Voeld

Make your way to the western edge of Voeld, south of the Resistance base, where you first land. Look for a hill overlooking the site of the Andromeda Initiative’s future outpost (you may have already settled the outpost). At the end of the hill you’ll find another Memory Trigger. Claim it before moving on.

Memory Trigger #10 – Voeld

Head to the small mountain near the Kett’s mountain base on Voeld and look out for the glowing aura of a nearby Memory Trigger. The mountain can easily be found just to the south of the Kett base. Use the Nomad to reach the top.

Memory Trigger #11 – Elaaden

The next Memory Trigger on our list can be found atop a steep hill just to the east of New Tuchanka on Elaaden. Use the Nomad’s special 6-wheel mode to climb the hill and then claim the glowing Memory Trigger.

Memory Trigger #12 – Elaaden

This Memory Trigger is found inside of a cave situated between the Krogan colony of New Tuchanka and the Remnant derelict ship on Elaaden. Make sure you come prepared to fight, though, as there are several enemy creatures inside the cave. Enter the area, then claim the glowing orb to collect the Memory Trigger.

Memory Trigger #13 – Elaaden

Make your way to Gehenna Valley on Elaaden and look for a small oasis near some Kett machinery. You should be able to spot the glowing orb of a Memory Trigger near a small tree.

Memory Trigger #14 – Kadara

Head over to the planet Kadara and make your way to Kurinth’s Valley. This Memory Trigger can be found inside of Kurinth’s Valley, near an acid pool.

Memory Trigger #15 – Kadara

The fifteenth Memory Trigger can be found near the future site of Kadara’s Andromeda Initiative settlement. This location is located over in Sulfur Springs. Look for the Memory Trigger on an overlook near the edge of the spring.

Memory Trigger #16 – Kadara

The final Memory Trigger can be found on Kadara, in Sulfur Springs. Locate the western-most Remnant Monolith and head to its location on your map. Once there, look for the glowing orb of this Memory Trigger on a hill beside the monolith. Claim it to finish your collection.

Now it’s time to review all of the memories that have now been unlocked by collecting all sixteen of the Memory Triggers in the game. Head back to the Hyperion and speak with SAM. From here, complete the rest of the quest on your own, as it contains some very specific spoilers that we do not want to mention within our guide.

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