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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Naming the Dead, Find and Scan All Colonist Bodies

by Josh Hawkins

Naming the Dead is a task, or side quest in Mass Effect: Andromeda that players can acquire on Eos, after they land on the planet for the first time. This task requires players to find and scan the bodies of seven Nexus colonists whose remains have been left to rot on the surface. Find all seven bodies, scan them, and complete the mission to gain closure for the families. In this article, we’ll break down the locations of each body and show you the best way to find them.

Theo J. Harwell

The first body that can be found in for this Task is found at Site 1, when you first land on Eos. Look for the operation energy storage unit in the area, and the body will be found face down in the sand next to it. Scan the body to learn the colonist’s name and begin this Task.

Tegan C. Avante

Continue your mission on Eos until you reach the first Remnant Monolith, where you meet Peebee for the first time, and look for this body next to a large boulder off to the side of the Monolith. Scan to log it.

Gordanus Trenitus

To find the next body, locate Site 2: Resilience on Eos and head there. Here, you’ll want to look around for two kinetic barrier shields, like the Kett use, and then scan the body of a Turian colonist lying on the ground in this area.

Porter M. West

Head northeast out of Site 2: Resilience to find a small gully containing this colonist’s body. Scan it to log it into your journal, and then head to the next body.

Thysa Ylar

The final body left to rot at Site 2: Resilience, this body can be found on a catwalk that leads up to the second floor of one of the Site’s colony buildings. Use your scanner to locate it, and then scan the deceased Asari to log it into your journal.

Amira S. Pavlov

Make your way down to the southern-most Remnant Monolith and look for one of the four short pillars that surround the Monolith’s console. Here you’ll find the body of a colonist that you must scan for this task.

Darin T. Anton

The final body needed to complete this Task can be found at the Kett Facility surrounding the northern-most Monolith. This is the same facility where players first meet the Krogan warrior, Drack, before he joins their crew. Look for a room with several medical-style beds, and then scan the human body lying on the center bed. You’ll learn that the man was autopsied while alive, as the Kett were most likely trying to learn more about his anatomy. This body is found just behind the console with the audio log “Necropsy”.

With all seven of the bodies found, this Task will complete. You can return to our Mass Effect: Andromeda guide for more helpful articles like how to get the best shotgun, and how to find the best Pathfinder build for your playstyle.

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