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Mass Effect: Andromeda – How to Romance Suvi

by Josh Hawkins

Players completing the game using the female Ryder twin have an exclusive chance to hook up with Suvi, the human science officer aboard the Pathfinder’s ship, The Tempest. Unfortunately the male Ryder twin doesn’t have any options to romance this character, so you will need to play as the female twin. In this article we’ll break down every step and relationship trigger to help you score an exclusive relationship with Suvi because we all know you want to romance Suvi in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

How to Romance Suvi

Romancing Suvi is much easier than romancing many of the other companions aboard The Tempest. While you will still need to hit specific triggers, you won’t have to complete any sort of Loyalty Missions to earn Suvi’s respect and love. Instead, you’ll just need to follow the steps we’ve outlined below.

When you first make your way onto the bridge of The Tempest, you have a chance to speak with Suvi for the first time. While chatting with her select the flirt dialogue option, “I could show you.”

After you settle Prodromos, the first colony you found on Eos, head to the Tempest’s Bridge and speak to Suvi once more. Be sure to use the dialogue option “We should chat on this more.”

Once you have completed the mission A Trail of Hope, return to the Tempest and speak with Suvi on the Bridge a third time. To progress the relationship, you will need to use the “You’re not alone.” dialogue option.

Return to the Tempest and chat with Suvi on the Bridge after you complete the mission Hunting the Archon. It is at this point that you can commit to an exclusive relationship with Suvi. Doing this will keep you from being in any other relationships. However, you’ll still be able to have a fling with characters like Keri T’Vessa

To finalize the relationship completely, there are two more steps you must complete. First, complete the mission The Journey to Meridian, and then read the email that Suvi sends you. You must be in a relationship with her, and have committed exclusively to her for this to happen.

Once you have read Suvi’s email, and complete Journey to Meridian, make your way to the Tech Lab on the Nexus. Here you’ll find Suvi and you can choose the narrative action prompt to trigger the romance scene.

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