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Mass Effect: Andromeda – How to Complete the Lost Scout, Rescue Mashal

by Josh Hawkins

After visiting Aya and speaking with the Angara, players can then travel to the planet of Voeld and begin work on their second uncharted world. After completing the second mission on Voeld, players can speak with Haana to acquire The Lost Scout, a side mission where players are tasked with rescuing Haana’s friend Mashal from a destroyed Kett ammo depot. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to complete the quest and save Mashal.

Talk to Haana

After completing the second mission on Voeld, make your way to the Angaran Resistance Base and talk to Haana near the hangar entrance. She’ll tell you about her friend, Mashal, who was an explosives expert tasked with destroying a Kett ammo depot. The depot itself was destroyed, and Haana believes that Mashal is still alive, but has been unable to get any help from the Resistance. Agree to help her to start the quest.

Investigate the Depot Ruins

Exit the Resistance Base and make your way towards the navpoint on your map. The easiest way to get there is to travel to the Hjara Forward Station, then hop in the Nomad and trek your way across the map. Following the navpoint will lead you to the snow-crested mountainside, where you should start to notice several smaller fires burning.

Exit the Nomad and make your way into the burning depot. There are a lot of items that can be scanned around here, so take advantage of this chance to earn some easy Research Points. Once you have scanned the entirety of the debris, head up the mountain to the entrance of the facility.

After you enter the depot, look for two doors in the first area that are linked by an underground conduit (use your scanner to locate the conduit). The door on your right will be locked. Thankfully, the door in the back is open. Head through it.

Restore the Power

To open the unlocked door, you’re going to have to restore the power to the depot. To do this, head through the open door in the back and look for a breakable wall on your left. Smash through it with a melee attack, and then hack the console to restore the power. Be careful which console you interact with, though, as the console in the far back of the room is rigged with a very dangerous flamethrower trap.

Now that power is restored, head back to the first room inside the depot and open the door that was locked before. Inside you’ll find Mashal and a Kett that she has been torturing during her time locked in the room. You now have two choices. You can:

A: Leave Mashal to continue her torture, return to Haana, and complete the side quest.

B: Tell Mashal that you need to get her out, return to Haana, and complete the quest.

Leaving Mashal to continue her torturing will upset Haana, but it won’t change the overall outcome of the quest or the rewards.

Return to the Angaran Resistance Base and complete the quest by talking to Haana. Now that you know how to complete The Lost Scout, be sure to return to our Mass Effect: Andromeda game hub for more helpful guides like how to complete Making an Impression, and how to get the best shotgun in the game.

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