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Mass Effect: Andromeda – How to Complete Apex Missions

by Josh Hawkins

Strike missions are special missions that you can send Strike Teams on to earn additional credits, items, and experience. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the strike mission system, including how to tell which missions are Apex Missions in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and which aren’t.

How to Complete Strike Missions

You first gain access to Strike Missions when speaking to Kandros on the Nexus. Chat with him in the security section of the Operations area to learn how to send Strike Teams out on a mission. Once you’ve spoken to him, you’ll then be able to manage all of your Strike Teams from the comfort of the Tempest.

Head onto the Tempest and make your way to the Research and Development room, just behind the bridge of the ship. Here you should notice several different laptop-like devices around the circular table in the middle of the room. Find the one labeled Strike Team Missions, and interact with it to get started.

When you first start off, you’ll only have access to one Strike Team in the game. Additional Strikes Teams can be purchased by clicking on the top left icon along the middle of the screen. You’ll need Mission Funds to purchase new teams, though, which can only be obtained by successfully completing Strike Team Missions.

Click on the middle icon at the top of the screen to move back to the Missions List. Here you can see all of the missions that are currently available for your teams. Normal strike missions will be in this list, as well as Apex Missions. The nice thing about Apex Missions is that you can either send a Strike Team to complete it, or load into Andromeda’s multiplayer mode to earn the mission challenges yourself. Apex Missions are denoted by an orange emblem to the right of their name, and when clicked on and highlighted, you’ll be able to see the Apex Mission information on the right side of the screen.

Both regular missions and Apex Missions are timed, and have an expiration timer, as well as a time required to complete the mission. Check these carefully to make sure you have enough time to complete the mission before it expires.

Missions also have a success rate, which will be displayed when you click onto the mission and are preparing to send your Strike Team out. Try not to choose missions with low success rates, as your Strike Teams will earn negative traits if they continually fail missions.

When your Strike Teams complete a mission they will earn various items like Credits, experience, and even Boxes. These Boxes contain various items like minerals, weapons, and even armor pieces. To open these boxes, locate the hotbar along the top of the window, and click on the far-right icon. This will bring up any boxes that your teams have earned through missions, and you can click on them to open them up and receive their items.

Now that you know all about Apex Missions, be sure to head back over to our Mass Effect: Andromeda guide. We’ll have plenty of new content coming in the next week, so check back often for updated guides on topics like how to get the best weapons and more.