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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Best Profiles, How to Change Them

by Josh Hawkins

Unlike previous Mass Effect games, Mass Effect: Andromeda has dropped the class system and instead opted for a more open system of Profiles, which players can change and use as they see fit. The new system is great, but it can be confusing for users who are used to sticking with one class type. In this article we’ll discuss the various Profiles, how you can use them, and which ones we feel are some of the best to try out so you know the best profiles in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

How to use Profiles

Profiles are extremely useful because they allow you to easily change which skills your character is relying upon the most. This can be helpful because it allows you to mix and match your skills and abilities to work in tandem with the type of mission or enemies that you are dealing with.

To change your Profile all you have to do is press the Escape (ESC) or Start button and then select Profiles from the pause menu. Once inside the Profiles menu, you can easily select between the different Profiles that you currently have available to activate their bonuses and perks.

We’ve already talked a little about Profiles in our guide to the best Pathfinder builds, but now we’re going to dive a bit more in-depth into each Profile.

To unlock new Profiles all you have to do is invest Skill Points into the skills that are contained within that Profile. There are currently only 7 Profiles available within the game. Three of these Profiles are Pure, meaning they only work off of one specific set of skills and abilities. Another three of these Profiles are considered Hybrids, which include skills and abilities from two or more skill trees. The final Profile, Explorer, is unlocked by evenly distributing points within the various skill trees.

Pure Profiles

The three Pure profiles in the game include the Soldier, Engineer, and Adept Profiles.

The Soldier Profile focuses solely on Combat skills and abilities. It’s all about giving the player more bonuses in combat situations.

The Engineer Profile is all about the tech. It includes unique abilities like the Combat Drone and other tech-based abilities.

The Adept Profile is Biotic-based, allowing the user to make more use of the Biotic powers that have been awarded to them via Skill Points.

Hybrid Profiles

Hybrid Profiles focus on more than one skill set, allowing users to mix and match their abilities to work best for their playstyle. This allows you to take advantages of the bonuses offered in multiple skill trees, which can be very useful for players with mixed playstyles. Profiles included here are the Sentinel, Vanguard, and Infiltrator Profiles.

The Sentinel Profile is a combination of both Biotic and Tech abilities. This allows uses to make use of tech bonuses like Tech Armor, while also giving them the ability to stay in-tuned with their favorite Biotic abilities.

The Vanguard Profile is a mixture of Combat and Biotic, which is extremely useful for those who like the option of being up close and personal while also having access to the Biotic abilities that make enemies cower in their boots. Increased evasion and a special Siphoning Strike are bonuses available in this Profile.

The Infiltrator Profile is the go-to for those who want to make the most of stealth combat while also relying on technology to help them win their wars. Cloaks and Battlefield Awareness are the top priorities here, and users can still rely heavily on their assault rifles while also making use of the various drones and technology available in the Tech skill tree.

The final Profile in the game is the Explorer Profile. This Profile is an evenly distributed lineup of all three main skill trees, including Biotics, Tech, and Combat. A jack-of-all-trades Profile, Explorer relies on increasing all of the important aspects of each specialty while spreading your available Skill Points evenly across the three options. This allows you to always have a way to make it through situations, no matter what you have thrown at you.

Profiles are an extremely important part of the gameplay in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and users should make the most of every Profile that they unlock. Now that you know how to use Profiles, and what they do, be sure to check out the rest of our handy guides by heading over to our Mass Effect: Andromeda game hub.



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