Mass Effect: Andromeda – All Architect Locations

Learn how to find all four Architects in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Architects are some of the most powerful enemies that players will have to take down in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and they’re not easy to go head to head with. In this article we’ll show you how to find all of the Architects, including which mission they are associated with, and which planets they can be found on.

Finding and disposing of all of the Architects will raise your Andromeda Viability Points quite drastically, making the Heleus Cluster much safer for the Andromeda Initiative and the endless stream of colonists being awakened from the Nexus.


The first Architect in the game is found on Eos, the very first UNC that players explore. To locate this Architect you must first complete the main mission, A Trail of Hope. Once completed, you’ll have established the outpost of Prodromos on Eos, and will be able to accept the mission Making an Impression. For help on this mission, head over to our guide on how to complete Making an Impression.

Follow the mission parameters to locate the Architect and then kill it.


The second planet that you can visit in the game is Voeld, and the Architect that you face off against here is one of the most dangerous that you’ll come across. After you establish your outpost on Voeld, speak to Priya Blake and pick up the mission, Missing Science Crew. This is the mission that will culminate in you having to take down the Architect.

The biggest issue you run into with this Architect is the Level 2 Cold Hazard of Voeld’s snowy landscape. Make sure to use the nearby heat lamps within the mission area to stay warm and recover your Life Support.


Once you establish your outpost on Kadara, you’ll be able to pick up the mission Old Skinner from Christmas Tate. This can only be done after you have completed the mission involved the Collective and the Outcasts.

After you have acquired the mission, follow through its objectives until you head to the top-left area of the world map, into the bottom of a valley. You’ll take on the Architect in this area, and will have limited cover to make use of. There are also some acid-spewing geysers in this area, so be careful and bring your Tactical Cloak along to hide from any of the Architect’s lock-on attacks.


The final Architect battle takes place on Elaaden, after you deliver the Drive Core to Morda during the mission Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core. This will allow you to establish your first outpost on Elaaden, and you can then take on the Architect in the center of the map. Be careful during this fight, as the greatest threat here are the addition of Breachers and Assemblers during the Remnant Phase of the battle. Luckily there is plenty of debris around the area to use for cover.

Now that you know how to find the Architects, make sure you return to our Mass Effect: Andromeda guide for additional help and guides. You’ll also want to make sure you learn how to get the best shotgun, which is extremely useful for close-quarter combat situations.

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