Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Peter vs Miles – Who is Better? Answered

With great power comes the ultimate choice.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a game all about the power of twos. You’ve got double the size of the city, you’ve got two different Spider-Men swinging about throughout this digital recreation of New York City, and you’ve got two different sets of powers that you can utilize throughout your journey. However, that begs the question: which of these Spider-Men should don the crown of Superior when it comes to their overall powers and abilities, and does one swing away with the crown? Let’s find out.

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Since we can swap through multiple Spider-Men on the fly, it’s time to put the ultimate question to rest: which one is the more powerful Spider-Man to utilize, and the answer is rather simple. They’re both excellent in their own regard, with Miles Morales having the ability to utilize the power of Electricity in his moveset, and Peter Parker having the generalized strength that we grew to love in the original Marvel’s Spider-Man. However, he does have an extra Ace up his sleeve since he does get infected with the Symbiote parasite in this entry, giving him a fair bit of extra power that he can use to his advantage. You’ll need it, especially with how big New York is this time around.

Since Miles has the power of Electricity on his side, his particular Spin-off made him a little more exciting to play with compared to Peter in his debut title. However, with this bonus of Symbiote power, Peter may just take the crown as the better of the two. It all really depends on how you’re planning on playing; if you want raw, unfiltered power, you’re going to love playing as Peter Parker. If you’d prefer to take a more tactical approach to your battles, employing traps and special gadgets that coincide with your general powers, you’ll love playing as Miles Morales. Since you can swap between the two at any given time, you can experiment and find out who you’d like to spend the majority of your time with, but I’m thinking I’m rolling with Peter this time around.

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