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Marvel’s Avengers Hero Guide: Hulk

by Lucas White

So far, Hulk is my favorite hero to play as in Marvel’s Avengers. Bruce Banner is kind of an insufferable self-important nerd in the campaign, but Hulk thinks Banner sucks so that’s a bonus. But aside from that, playing as Hulk is really fun and interesting! Depending on how you build your Hulk, you can either be a berserking tank, a mobile grappler, or a brawler focused on crowd control. Either way is a blast, as if there’s one thing Marvel’s Avengers does well, it’s awesome combat animations.

Marvel’s Avengers Hulk Hero Guide

If you want to build your best Hulk, there are a few ways you can go about it, depending on how much time you end up investing into the game. If you’re just going through the campaign, you probably need to worry more about specializing, than you might if you plan to keep up with Marvel’s Avengers long-term. Currently you can get all the way up to level 50 and power level 150, so it’ll certainly be a while before you run out of skill points. Regardless of your play time, Hulk has multiple skill trees to dive into, just like all the other Avengers.

The first skill tree houses most of Hulk’s basic moves, and after that it’s focused on light and ranged attacks. If you want to be more of a mobile Hulk you’ll want to invest here, as you’ll gain access to a quick launcher you can perform out of a successful dodge, a shoulder tackle that keeps Hulk in combat with less downtime, and upgrades to his rock throw. This includes picking up the rocks and punching with then instead of throwing them, so there’s just a lot here going towards face-punching.

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Hulk’s second skill tree is all about Heavy and Power attacks. This is where you’ll focus if you want a lot of crowd control capability, as the more you upgrade these, the more you’ll be creating shockwaves that generate knockback. The problem, of course, is that Hulk is pretty slow, so you have to be extra careful to not leave yourself open to tougher enemies, turrets, and anything that can outspeed you. You’ll probably end up with a few of these (and the first tree) regardless of your build, since they’re basically extensions of Hulk’s basic moves.

Skill tree number three is all about Hulk’s unique ability to pick up human-sized enemies and rag doll them until they’re flesh juice. You can attempt a grab by holding the light attack button, and if you stick with this tree you can eventually grab two enemies at once. Then you can do things like smash enemies around like that one part of that one movie, use them as weapons River City Ransom style, and even incorporate aerial techniques into the mix. Not every enemy can be thrown, and for some you’ll have to break their guard and do some damage first, so you’ll want to accentuate your throwing skills with a little utility on the side.

The fourth skill three Hulk has is dedicated to his intrinsic ability, Rage. When Hulk activates Rage he gains Willpower back from doing damage, and significantly boost attack and defense. When used to counter, Rage also has an additional area of effect that will interrupt nearby enemy actions. As you pump skill points into this tree, you’ll be expanding your meter, lowering Rage’s cost, increasing Hulk’s healing ability, and finally the ability to overcharge the intrinsic meter for additional bonuses.

Personally I get the most satisfaction out of playing Hulk as a grappler, as he has some big Mike Haggar energy minus the wrestling moves. But it’s important to note that Hulk has very limited dodging ability, and is more vulnerable than you might expect him to be. Hulk’s bigger size and sluggish movements means you have to pay extra attention in more situations, especially if you’re playing Marvel’s Avengers by yourself. But if you put the time in, Hulk can really control a combat scenario in multiple ways.

Are you enjoying Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers? Or have you found a different main that really makes your videogame lizard brain happy? Or are you still trying to figure out what hero you want to stick with, or even if you want to buy the game at all? Let us know what you’re thinking over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!