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Mario Tennis Aces Reflection Room Puzzle

by Bryan Dawson

When you pick up Nintendo’s latest sports game, one of the first puzzles you’ll encounter is the Reflection Room in Mario Tennis Aces Adventure Mode that houses the Great Mirror Mystery. Once you know how to complete the Reflection Room puzzle in Mario Tennis Aces, it will seem pretty easy. However, figuring out what to do can be a challenge at first. This article covers how to complete the Mario Tennis Aces Reflection Room so you can move on in the Adventure Mode!

Mario Tennis Aces Reflection Room

Once you enter the Reflection Room you’ll find yourself face to face with a mirror. There are several large blue orbs floating around inside the mirror. The idea here is to hit the orbs with a tennis ball. Every time you hit an orb you’ll hear one of two different sounds. One sound is the sound of failure, which means you need to try again. The other sound is the correct sound, which means you hit the right orb.

To complete this portion of the Reflection Room puzzle you need to hit the correct orb, which will cause a Star Spot to appear on the ground so you can use a Zone Shot. Aim the Zone Shot at the orb that made the correct noise and you’ll clear away most of the orbs. When you’ve cleared all of the orbs, that set will disappear and another set with more orbs will appear in their place. Repeat this same process again, using trial and error to determine which orb to hit, then a Zone Shot to clear the orbs. Do this one more time for the third and final set and you’ll be able to progress to the next portion of the puzzle.

Mario Tennis Aces Reflection Room

The main difference you’ll notice with the second portion of the puzzle is that there’s now a clock in the mirror with gears hovering around it. Hit the gears to create Star Spots on the ground, enabling you to hit Zone Shots. All you need to do to complete this portion of the puzzle is use Zone Shots to hit the gears floating around the clock. If you have trouble you can build up your Energy Gauge with Charge Shots and then use a Special Shot (with a full Energy Gauge) to hit one of the gears. This will make a Star Spot appear on the ground so you can use Zone Shots for the rest of the gears.

Mario Tennis Aces Reflection Room

Each time you clear a set of gears, they will move faster and faster. When you get to the final set of gears you’ll need to lead them a little bit in order to hit each gear. Aim a little ahead of each gear to compensate for the speed they’re moving and the travel time of the ball. It may take a few tries, but if you aim slightly ahead of each gear you’ll be able to hit them. Once all the gears are gone, aim at the clock to clear the final part of this puzzle.

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