There are a variety of shots you can perform in Mario Tennis Aces. However, one of the best shots in the game is the Trick Shot. Using the Trick Shot in Mario Tennis Aces, you can get to the ball almost anywhere on the court. Of course there are some limitations to the Trick Shot, but overall it’s one of the best tools in the game. While the Trick Shot is very good, it can be a little difficult to use. This article covers how to use the Trick Shot in Mario Tennis Aces so you can get the most out of the technique.

How to Trick Shot

There are two ways to perform the Trick Shot in Mario Tennis Aces. The easiest way is to tap the Right Analog Stick in whatever direction you want to move. For instance, if the ball is on the far right of your character, tap to the right. If the ball is way behind your character, tap down. As soon as you tap a direction, you are locked into the Trick Shot animation and you won’t be able to cancel out of it. That means you need to make sure you tap in the direction of the ball or you’ll almost certainly miss your shot.

Once you tap in the direction you want to move, your character will perform an acrobatic technique, then automatically swing their racquet. When the racquet makes contact with the ball, press the desired shot button. For example, if you want a Trick Shot with topspin, press A when the racquet makes contact with the ball.

The second way you can perform a Trick Shot is by double tapping X while holding a direction on the Left Analog Stick. The direction you’re holding when you double tap X will be the direction your character moves. Just like the Right Analog Stick method, once your character starts moving, you will be locked into the Trick Shot animation. As soon as the racquet makes contact with the ball, press the desired shot button (i.e. A for a topspin shot).

Timing is very important here because if you miss-time the hit, you’ll lose some of your Energy Gauge. However, if you time the hit properly, you’ll gain a lot of Energy Gauge, making it a very valuable tool. Practice your timing so that you hit the shot button as soon as the racquet makes contact with the ball.

When to Trick Shot

While you can use a Trick Shot almost whenever you want, one big reason to use a Trick Shot is to quickly close in on a ball that would be otherwise out of reach. If the ball is going to be out of reach, use a Trick Shot to quickly move in the direction of the ball. One of the main strategies in Mario Tennis Aces (and most other tennis games) is to hit the ball in a location that’s hard to reach for your opponent. Using a Trick Shot, there won’t be many places on the court that are hard to reach.

Why to Trick Shot

Trick Shots build a lot of energy for your Energy Gauge. The Energy Gauge is very important so you have access to Zone Shots, Special Shots, Zone Speed and more. Regularly using Trick Shots with the appropriate timing will earn you quite a bit of energy. In addition, some characters excel at Trick Shots, making it one of their go-to shots to score points. For example, Rosalina can curve the ball during Trick Shots to make it much harder for an opponent to hit. When playing as these Trick Shot characters, you’ll want to focus a bit more on Trick Shots to gain the upper hand.

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