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Best Character in Mario Tennis Aces

by Bryan Dawson

Everyone wants to know the best character in Mario Tennis Aces, so today we’re going to settle that question for you. There are a few contenders for the best character in Mario Tennis Aces, so we’ll cover each of them, why they’re considered one of the best characters and also the play style they work best with. Of course, things will change as the game is patched and new characters are added, so we’ll continue updating this article when needed. For now, let’s take a look at the best characters in Mario Tennis Aces.

Bowser Jr. and Waluigi

Defensive characters are king in Mario Tennis Aces, and that means Bowser Jr. and Waluigi are two of the best characters in the game. Both have the best reach in the game, offer a decent amount of speed and power, and have good Trick Shots to boot. While Bowser Jr. edges out Waluigi slightly due to the extra range of the clown car, both are extremely good.

If you’re already a good player, picking up Bowser Jr. or Waluigi allows you to hit almost any shot in the game when you combine their amazing reach and great Trick Shot ability. So long as you have moderately decent reaction time, you should rarely miss a shot. If you can properly block a Zone Shot or Special Shot, very few shot attempts should get through your defense. You can even rush the net and use a Trick Shot (or Zone Speed) to reach any lob attempts from your opponent.

Meter gain is also very good for both of these characters. Not only do you have a bit more time to charge shots due to their extended reach, you actually gain slightly more meter for a similar charge compared to other characters. The difference isn’t huge, but meter advantage is important in Mario Tennis Aces, even if it’s only a slight advantage.

Chain Chomp

Powerful characters can be difficult to deal with in Mario Tennis Aces, and Chain Chomp is easily the best powerful character on the market. While the power attribute between the powerful class characters is about the same, Chain Chomp is faster than the other powerful characters, has great reach (almost equal to the defensive characters), and without limbs it can be difficult for opponents to see where you’re hitting the ball.


If you’re not playing against Bowser Jr. or Waluigi, Rosalina is one of the best characters in the game. Her ability to curve shots makes it very difficult to contend with her. A good Rosalina player will constantly vary the curvature of their shots, and mixing up the type of shots being used, in order to keep an opponent guessing. While Trick Shots certainly lower her overall ability to keep an opponent guessing, with the right curve and shot accuracy it can be difficult to land a Trick Shot against her. You should also be able to keep the meter advantage if you’re good at charging your shots and timing Trick Shots well.

These are currently the four best characters in the game, but you can check out our in-progress tier list to see how we rank everyone. You’ll find more strategies in our Mario Tennis Aces game hub!

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