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Mario Tennis Aces Character Types

by Bryan Dawson

One of the big reasons why Mario Tennis Aces is fun is because there are so many different character types. Mario Tennis Aces includes defensive characters, tricky characters, powerful characters, speedy characters and technical characters. Even the individual characters within each character type are slightly different. To figure out which characters you like, you should just try them out, but to make things a bit easier we’re going to take a look at the Mario Tennis Aces character types so you know the big differences between the character types and can determine which character type fits your style the best.


  • Daisy
  • Luigi
  • Mario

All-around characters do not excel at any one aspect of the game. If you’re just starting out and this is your first Mario Tennis game, picking an all-around character is usually a good idea. All-around characters generally don’t have any faults, which means there are no weaknesses that an opponent can exploit. Once you get the hang of the game, you can start looking at some of the other characters who require a bit more technical skill.


  • No weaknesses


  • No strengths


  • Bowser Jr.
  • Waluigi

Defensive characters generally have longer reach that other characters. They have an easier time getting to the balls and it’s more difficult to score points of defensive characters. If you like to move around the court a lot, defensive characters may be best for you because you’ll have a bit more time to react to shots since they have slightly longer reach than most other characters. Because they have longer reach, they can also start charging a bit earlier, and therefore you can potentially gain meter (Energy Gauge) faster as well.


  • Long reach


  • Slow speed
  • Low power


  • Bowser
  • Chain Chomp
  • Donkey Kong
  • Spike
  • Wario

At the moment, powerful characters are considered to be some of the best. While they’re generally a bit slower than other characters (with the exception of Chain Chomp), they hit the ball very hard. If you’re an aggressive player, going with a powerful character may be a good match for you. It’s much easier to overpower an opponent with fast shots so long as you know all of the shot counters. You can also play the net if you’re well-versed in Zone Speed and Trick Shots to get back to any lobs an opponent may hit.


  • Power
  • Harder to knock back


  • Slow speed


  • Toad
  • Yoshi

Speedy characters are exactly what you might expect, they have faster movement speed than most of the other characters. This is usually balanced out by the fact that they don’t hit the ball as hard as some other characters, and they may also have less reach. If you have good control over your character and feel confident moving around the court, a speedy character may be right up your alley. For newcomers they can be a little harder to control because of the increased speed.


  • Speed


  • Easier to knock back


  • Peach
  • Toadette

Technical characters can hit balls at sharp angles with ease. If you like hitting cross court and really making an opponent run for the ball, technical characters are just what the doctor ordered. They generally have increased ball control so you can more accurately aim your shots. You may notice that some Special Shots and Zone Shots don’t always go exactly where you aim them (e.g. aim slightly out of bounds and your shot may instead grace the line and stay in). With a technical character you’ll have pinpoint accuracy with these shots.


  • Great accuracy
  • Can hit balls at good angles with ease


  • Easier to knock back


  • Boo
  • Rosalina

Every shot a Tricky character hits will have a slight curve to it. However, if you hit a Slice (B button) you can get a huge curve on the ball by moving the Left Analog Stick. This is the primary benefit of tricky characters. Keep mixing up your shots and how much curve you place on them to really make it difficult for an opponent to keep track of the ball.


  • Sharp curves when hitting Slices


  • Slower hits and ball speed

If you’re looking for more information, including tips and tricks, be sure to check out our Mario Tennis Aces game hub!

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