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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – How to Play Co-Op

by Prima Games Staff

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle offers quite a few hours of time for players to dive into the newly renovated Mushroom Kingdom, and as you progress through the game you’re going to unlock quite a few secrets along the way. One of the first secrets you’ll unlock is the ability to play cooperatively with a friend on your Nintendo Switch. In this article we’ll break down how the co-op system works, how you can unlock co-op in Mario + Rabbids, and even how to access it so you and your friends can start exploring the Rabbid-filled Mushroom Kingdom for yourselves.

How to Play Co-Op

Playing co-op in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is very easy. All you’ll need to do to get started in complete at least one world in the game. Once you’ve completed a world, you’ll be notified that construction on the Buddy Dome has been completed back at Peach’s castle, and you can head back there to see what new monstrosity the Rabbids have erected in the land surrounding the castle.

Once you’ve completed construction on the Buddy Dome, you can head over to it and head inside the dome. At this point, pair your Joy Cons to the console and hand off one to your friend. During this time you’ll be able to select the campaign that you want to play with your friend. Unfortunately, the campaigns that you take part in aren’t the same worlds from the single-player campaign, and instead they only offer a few different challenges together.

There are a total of 5 campaigns, and players unlock one campaign with every world that they beat in the main story. Each campaign is made up of several different challenges that players can complete. Players will control teams of two, as they try to defeat their enemies and complete the campaign. Once you’ve beaten a campaign, you’ll unlock an even more difficult version of that campaign.

You should also be aware that these co-op modes also include friendly fire, which means you’ll need to worry about taking down your own partners when dealing with enemies, so be sure to watch where you’re aiming and blasting off shots.

Now that you know how to play cooperative campaigns with your friends, it’s time to get them over and have a blast playing Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. For more help with the game, be sure to check out our Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle guide, which includes helpful articles on how to beat the Rabbid Kong boss, as well as a helpful guide on how to unlock fast travel and several other options that you’ll want to know how to do in the game.