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Mario Kart 8: Animal Crossing DLC Tips – Ribbon Road, Big Blue

by Prima Games Staff

Mario Kart 8 has been available for almost a year, but we continue to play this outstanding game online and against friends via split-screen. Now there more tracks to master, thanks to the Animal Crossing DLC that includes eight new locations.

Here are some quick tips that will help you master these courses with ease.

Let’s start with the Crossing Cup.

Baby Park (originally appeared in Mario Kart Double Dash! on GameCube)

Baby Park is a simple oval-shaped Daytona-style track where you vie for first place by the end of seven laps. The main things you’ll want to watch out for are the tight corners. Use drifting to get around these corners and then boost, and don’t forget to pick up some power-ups, because they’ll assist you in gaining (and keeping) the lead by the time the seventh lap comes around.

Cheese Land (originally appeared in Mario Kart: Super Circuit on Game Boy Advance)

There’s nothing cheesy about this twisting course, which offers plenty of challenges to achieve a first place victory. The two main obstacles are Chain Chomps that appear midway through the course. The first is difficult to avoid without falling off the track, so you’ll want to stay as far left as possible to avoid its reach. The second Chomp is a bit easier, as there’s a little room to get out of its way.

Near the end of the track you’ll find a couple of ramps. Make sure you boost jump off of these, since they’ll help you make a dash for the lead.

Wild Woods

This original course is easily one of the most beautiful tracks in Mario Kart 8, mainly due to its lavish forest design. Make sure you keep a tight handle on the corners and take advantage of every jump you come across with a boost.

In addition, when you see the tunnel with the water stream going down, make sure you stay in the stream. You’ll go much faster than normal while still being able to boost drift and pick up power-ups. There are jumps, but staying in the stream will guarantee you the best speed.

Animal Crossing

As expected, this course takes place within the Animal Crossing universe while its many citizens cheer you on. It comes with a beachside section that gives you a chance to boost ahead with a combination of a curve and two jumps.

The course is fairly easy to master, but watch out near the end, as Mr. Resetti can pop up from the ground and stop you in your tracks. The good news is you’ll be able to see him from far away, and unless you bump someone on the road, you should be able to avoid him.

Now, onto the Bell Cup!

Neo Bowser City (originally appeared in Mario Kart 7)

This track has a tricky start, as you’ll contend with an S-bend and then turn your way back in order to avoid colliding into a wall. After that, you’ll come across a series of air vents and tight turns that will eventually lead you to a final stretch where you’ll use the glider to roll across. It’s easy to keep tabs on this course, but make sure you handle those turns at the start, or you’ll have a tough time catching up.

Ribbon Road (originally appeared in Mario Kart: Super Circuit)

In the beginning, hit a number of boost panels and then take a sharp right turn after jumping. If you can land it (and it may take a couple of tries), you’ll gain the lead and a few seconds on the competition. Otherwise you’ll wind up behind everyone. After that, you’ll have a few curves that you can use for boost drifting, so take advantage as much as you can. You should have a first place win with no problem.

Super Bell Subway

This is a trickier course, as you’ll have to contend with trains running through a subway station. However, if you’re a savvy driver you’ll be able to use these to your advantage, as you can climb aboard raised platforms and eventually ride the trains, rather than running in their path. Once you’re done with those, you’ll find a section with stairs that you should be able to boost jump off of, followed by a U-turn that will give you a chance at the finish line. Don’t lose your momentum and you’ll get the win.

Big Blue

Big Blue will put you through your paces as you cruise around tight turns and over boost pads. The key involves keeping some form of item in your arsenal so you can strike enemies that get ahead of you, and collecting coins by riding along the recharge pathways, similar to the Mute City course. Having 10 coins gives you a maximum speed overall, and even if you lose a couple, you should be able to replenish them with ease. Fans of F-Zero will love this.

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