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Make Lots of Money in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

by Prima Games Staff

Similar to many open world video games, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate features virtual currency. Players use British pounds to buy Craft Gear Upgrades and Gang Upgrades. Between all the parkour, sightseeing and new weapons to kill people with, it’s easy to forget about making money, which is the point of this feature. We’ll tell you how to earn more cash in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, which will let you strengthen your defenses and become better equipped when dealing with enemies.

Loot all of the chests 

There are hundreds of chests scattered throughout the different boroughs of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and each one contains different amounts of money to stuff into your pockets. Explore and you’re bound to stumble upon chests, but we suggest purchasing the map that marks them all. Then you can set off through London on a money-grabbing spree.

Normal-sized chests differ from Large Chests. The latter contain rare crafting materials and blueprints. 

Take part in Crowd Events 

During your travels you’ll be able to take part in short objectives that involve chasing after thieves, killing or protecting people. Complete these brief tasks for money. 

Complete Income Activities 

There are seven Income Activities in the game, some of which you’ll only encounter in specific boroughs; you may also need to chat with fellow associates to unlock them. Thankfully you’re able to replay these activities to grind for some cash.

Street Racing: Step behind the carriage reigns and compete against rivals, trains and even the ticking clock for cash rewards. 

Cargo Hijack: Take over different Blighter vehicles and deliver these carriages to the drop off locations on the map. Each borough has a static hijack you can only complete once, but you’ll also encounter random carriages that yield lower rewards; an extra £700 is better than nothing. 

Fight Club: Step into the arena and battle with your fists; no weapons or healing items allowed! Battle progressively difficult opponents and make sure you’re the last one standing. 

Cargo Escort: There’s a chance you completed missions like these before in other games, so you know the drill. Protect the convoy from Blighters to line your pockets. You’ll find these missions on the streets of London. Each one pays out £700. 

Train Robbery: Sneak onto enemy trains and move to different cars battling tough Blighters and taking cash as you go. Each train you rummage through results in £3,750. 

Smuggler’s Boat: Don’t let the Blighters do whatever they please. Sabotage their ships in the Thames River, and go after the optional objective of assassinating the Lead Smuggler. 

Boat Raids: Use stealth to sneak onto various Blighter boats and take the manifests from the boat masters. Now you can reveal valuable resources for the Rooks, but don’t take your time because you only have three minutes to complete the objective. Use Eagle Vision to spot the person carrying the manifest. 

Clear Gang Strongholds 

You stand to earn lots of money and XP for successfully clearing the different Gang Strongholds in the game, which feature optional challenges for 100 percent completion for even greater rewards.  

For example, you will receive £400 and 300 XP for removing the Blighter presence from the Rosemary Lane stronghold in City of London. Assassinating the leader without being seen and freeing/protecting Rooks, on the other hand, results in an extra £150 and 150 XP. These are relatively small amounts compared to strongholds you see later in the game. Clare Market in The Strand pays out £532 and 360 XP. Burning the Blighter Heist Plans and preventing the lookouts from calling reinforcements, however, produces an extra £1,330 and 600 XP. It literally pays to do the challenges. 

Complete Child Liberation Missions 

There are 11 factories in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, each one with imprisoned children you have the option of freeing. Sneak in through the roof, free the kids and assassinate the foreman.  Again, payouts differ, and using stealth to avoid triggering alarms results in 100 percent completion and more money. 

Go on Bounty Hunts

Each bounty hunt tasks you with capturing someone and bringing this person in dead or alive. How you go about doing this is up to you, but for 100 percent completion you’ll need to make sure the target doesn’t die. Payouts vary, and in some cases you will earn an extra £250 and even £350 for delivering the bounty alive. 

Gang Wars

The prize for finishing all of the conquest activities in a particular borough is a showdown against the most difficult Crime Boss and his minions; there are no optional challenges and bonus rewards. Team with the Rooks to kill various gang members until your one-on-one fight against the leader, or take the quicker approach by assassinating the Crime Boss before the Gang War begins. Easier said than done, of course. 

Templar Hunts 

These are sort of like bounty hunts, except the primary objective is to kill the target, but there’s a catch. You need to assassinate this person a certain way. When going after The Fletchers, you must kill both targets at the exact same time, whereas Martin Church requires the Hidden Blade. This feature will tell you how to beat all of the Templar Hunts in the game.

Finish London Stories Memories 

While playing the campaign, you’ll encounter famous historical figures like Charles Dickens and Karl Marx. Each memory is comprised of different missions, and each mission you complete results in some cash and XP.  In some cases achieving a full synch bonus results in more.

For more money-making tips, read the Official Prima eGuide and Collector’s Edition Guide, or visit the free Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough.

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