If you've just started playing Magic: The Gathering Arena then you're probably still getting to grips with things. For starters, check out this post to get some free stuff and make sure to have a read of this post to see how to avoid spending your hard-earned money. Assuming you've done that and you've had a few games now, you might have come across Wildcards. They come in four flavours at the moment; common, uncommon, rare, and mythic. These can be exchanged for any card of your choice in that rarity. So they're useful, but how do you get more?

How To Earn Wildcards

Well, Wildcards can be earned by simply opening packs. Although, even this comes about in two different ways. 

The first way is just opening them inside a booster pack. Every slot in a booster pack represents a single rarity. Well, apart from the rare slot which can be either a rare card or a mythic rare if you're really lucky. All of these cards have a chance of being a Wildcard. 

The chances of this happening at each rarity look like this: 

  • Common is 1:3
  • Uncommon is 1:5
  • Rare is 1:24
  • Mythic Rare is 1:24

These rates are boosted slightly every time you don't get a Wildcard at that rarity. So, if you haven't seen a rare Wildcard for a while, your chances are higher than usual. Once you have received a Wildcard again the odds reset. 

You also build towards a Wildcard with every pack you open. In the top-right of the screen where you open packs there are two meters. These fill up with every pack opened and reward you with a Wildcard once full. The rare slot even rotates to mythic rare every few times as well. 

The Vault

This is the other thing to be aware of. You can put a maximum of four copies of a single card in your deck. Both common and uncommon cards get made into fuel for the Vault if you get any more than four copies. This doesn't happen with rare or mythic cards though. If you collect a fifth copy of either of those rarities the card will automatically become a different rare or mythic from the same set. If you manage to collect a playset of each rare and mythic card then they become Gems instead. 20 for rare, 40 for mythic rare. 

Back to the Vault, once you have filled it up you can open it up. Doing so will reward you with 1 mythic rare Wildcard, 2 rare Wildcards, and 3 uncommon Wildcards. So, while this is an incredibly slow process, it is always working in the background. Unfortunately, the only way to check your progress is if you leave the vault unopened, doing so will allow you to hover your cursor over the Vault and you will be shown a percentage. Otherwise, you will just have to wait patiently.

Redeeming Wildcards

Redeeming the cards is a little more complex than it really should be. The easiest way to do it is to build a deck with the cards you want, even if you don't own them. Then, as long as you have enough Wildcards, you can simply click Craft All in order to redeem them. 

You can also just do it while in your collection by searching for the card you want and redeeming them there. If you already own a copy it is easy, if not, you will need to make sure the Not Collected filter is highlighted. 

It is well worth checking out which cards are genuinely good, at least in the beginning. Getting Wildcards takes time when you have just started out, make sure you use them wisely. 

So, that's all there is to know about Wildcards. Check out our Hub for all sorts of other tips.