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Mafia 3 – How to Collect Money from Kickbacks

by Prima Games Staff

As you take over new rackets and districts in Mafia 3, you’ll be able to assign them to one of your three underbosses. From here the rackets will generate revenue for the underboss, and you’ll be entitled to a cut of that revenue. This cut is called Kickback. In this article we’ll show you how to collect your Kickback money, and earn yourself addition cash without even having to do anything in the game.

How to Collect Money From Your Underbosses

Collecting money from your underbosses is a fairly simple task. First, locate their icon on the map. Each underboss, Vito, Burke, and Cassandra all have their own icons on the map. Vito’s can be found in River Row, Burke’s in Pointe Verdun, and Cassandra’s in Delray Hollow. Head to the icon on the map that you wish to collect from, and then head inside the building. Usually you will find your Kickback available for pickup in whichever room that Underboss is located in.

You can acquire Burke’s collection money from the bar in the front of his junkyard office. Vito’s can be grabbed from his back office, and Cassandra’s collection can be nabbed from her office in the building that serves as her HQ of sorts. Once you’ve collected the money it will go into your wallet. Make sure you empty your wallet contents into your safe back at Sammy’s bar whenever you can. You can also upgrade one of your Associates to go around and pick up your Kickback.

How to Generate Kickback

Kickback can be generated in a number of ways, most notably, through letting the businesses and rackets that make up each district generate revenue. This process takes time, so don’t worry about checking your Kickbacks that often. Just keep an eye on them every now and then in the map. You can increase the amount of Kickback that can be earned by progression through the game’s story and advancing your relationship level with that particular underboss. Of course, this might mean making another underboss angry, so be careful which decisions you make.

A couple of other things to note about Kickback:

  • There is a cap. As we mentioned above, this cap can be raised, but once the underboss has reached the cap, they will stop generating Kickback until after you come and collect it. Always make sure to collect it to keep it from capping out.
  • You won’t be able to complete side missions for the underboss if you have a capped out Kickback collection. So make sure to always collect it and store it away.
  • Store your money in your safe. Whenever you die you lose half of the money currently in your wallet. You can get past this by having your Associate pick up your Kickback (which can be acquired at a later level), or by depositing it straight into your safe back at Sammy’s bar. You can also call your associate to come and pick it up for you, at which point it will be deposited into your safe.

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Collecting Kickbacks is an important part of the Mafia 3 formula as it allows you to make money which can then be spent on vehicle upgrades, weapons, ammunition, and supplies. It also makes sure you’re ready for the upcoming car customization DLC, which will allow you to paint your vehicles, add new rims, and other customization options. If you followed the steps above, you should now know how to collect money from your underbosses in Mafia 3.

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