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Mafia 3 – All Repent Magazine Locations

by Prima Games Staff

If you’re looking to 100 percent Mafia 3, you’re going to have to work pretty hard, as there is a total of 161 collectibles hidden throughout the city of New Bordeaux. While these collectibles range from Album Covers, to Playboy magazines, and even Repent magazines, each one holds a different location and meaning. In this article we’ll be showcasing the locations of each and every issue of the Repent magazine collectible in Mafia 3.

All Repent Magazine Locations in Mafia 3

As we stated above, there are a total of 5 Repent magazine issues hidden throughout the different districts that make up Mafia 3’s fictionalized version of New Orleans. Some of these collectibles are hidden within the French Ward, the Downtown district, Frisco Hills, and even the Southdowns. We’ve included detailed descriptions of how to find each collectible, as well as provided two images to help you track it down. The first image of each entry will detail the map area that the collectible can be found in. The second image in each entry will show you a small screenshot of each area where the item can be found. Whenever you near a collectible, it will populate on your map in the form of a crucifix icon.

1 – June 11, 1968 Issue

The first Repent magazine can be found after you head to the Downtown district and meet with Donovan outside of the Royal Hotel. Drive to the ‘Compromised Corruption marker on your map, and after the cutscene plays, turn and look at the bench where Lincoln and Donovan were sitting while they talked. The Repent Magazine will be resting on the bench.

2 – January 10, 1968

To find the second issue of the Repent magazines in Mafia 3, make your way to Frisco Fields and locate Bellaire’s Grocery Store. You’ll need to break into the back employee area to gain access (or sneak into the front of the store using the main door). This area is hostile towards Lincoln, so be ready to take down any enemies who get in your way. Make your way through the store and up to the second floor office to find this collectible sitting at the end of a desk.

3 –March 10, 1968

Players can find the third issue of the Repent magazines hidden throughout New Bordeaux by making their way to the historic French Ward. Locate the cemetery we’ve marked on the map below, and head inside of it. The area is hostile, so be ready to fight a few mobsters. After the mobsters are cleared, head to the center of the cemetery and look for this Repent magazine on a half-wall in front of the large mausoleum that adorns the center plot.

4 – July 12, 1967

Like the previous issue, this Repent magazine collectible can be found inside of the French Ward district. Head to the southern border of the district to find one of Marcano’s classy ‘men’s clubs’ in an old hotel. The hotel is chock full of hostile mobsters, so bring a shotgun and plenty of ammunition. After they’re cleared out, head up to the second floor and look for a room with a tricycle in the middle of the floor. The Repent magazine can be found inside this room, resting on the edge of a dresser.

5 – November 9, 1967

The final issue of the Repent magazine hidden in Mafia 3 can be found inside of the Southdowns district. The building you’re looking for is one of Marcano’s operations called Willcock’s Sports and Cocktails. It’s a sports bar of sorts that is hidden off the beaten path. Head in through the back door, taking out any enemies who get in your way, and look for this Repent magazine resting at the end of the counter in the middle of the bar area.

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That’s all of the Repent magazines hidden in Mafia 3. If you want to check and make sure you have them all, you can easily check your progress with each and every collectible set from the game’s Pause Menu. If you followed the steps and images above, you should have found all five Repent magazines and collected them in Mafia 3. There’s still plenty to do in New Bordeaux, though, so head back to our main Mafia 3 walkthrough for more detailed information about the other collectibles and features strewn throughout Lincoln Clay’s story.

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