Madden NFL 24: When Does Ultimate Team Season 1 End?

Not long before a new season of MUT 24 kickoffs.

when will mut 24 season 1 end
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It feels as if we just started to scratch the surface of Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team content. However, the opening season will be closing very soon. Following a slow start to the MUT campaign, players can hardly catch a break between events and Field Passes. If you want to know how long you have left before Season 1 concludes in MUT, then you’ve come to the right place and need to keep reading.

How Long Before Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team Season 1 Ends?

At the time of writing, there are only four days left before season 1 of Madden 24 Ultimate Team ends. If you haven’t started building your team or are only getting into the ultimate game mode now, then you need to start with the programs that are ending before Season 1 concludes and work your way to the ones that are more long-term.

If you’re running out of time and need options to get through the Field Passes quickly and easily, you can always purchase the Field Pass levels with Madden Points. Alternatively, you can complete challenges and play UT matches and earn double XP before that expires as well. 

The closing dates for all events are as follows: 

Event/ProgramEnds InEnd Date
MUT 24 Season 1Four Days TimeOctober 4
Competitve Six Days TimeOctober 6
Headliners Four Days TimeOctober 4
Campus HeroesFour Days TimeOctober 4
Ultimate KickoffFour Days TimeOctober 4
Gridiron GuardiansFour Days TimeOctober 4

What MUT Programs Should Players Complete First in Madden NFL 24?

Players should tackle all limited programs in Madden Ultimate Team, where they can obtain the highest-rated player items. Headliners and Gridiron Guardians offer some of the best player items and should be the first Field Passes you try to complete.

Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team Season 1 Countdown

If you are not too worried about these limited programs and want to gradually get through the season now that you’ve started playing Madden Ultimate Team, you can get stuck into the TOTW and Captains Programs. The Legends and AKA challenges are quite difficult to try and complete with a team OVR under 80. So, you’ll need to bolster your team before playing the challenges of these two main events. 

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