Madden NFL 24: How to Increase Team Chemistry in Ultimate Team UK Program

There are always special rules for special programs in Madden 24 Ultimate Kickoff.

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In Madden NFL 24, Ultimate Kickoff in MUT has some special rules that must be adhered to. If you’re late to the party and you’re looking to hit the ground running in Ultimate Team Kickoff and learn how to improve your team’s chemistry to build a strong UK squad, then you need to keep reading. Here’s how to increase team chemistry in Madden NFL 24.

Madden NFL 24: How to Increase Team Chemistry in UK Program MUT 24

To increase your team Chemistry in the Ultimate Kickoff program, you must familiarize yourself with the rules, earn rewards such as player items, finish all the objectives, and more. Below, we dive deeper into all of these specifics.

Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Kickoff Rules

To qualify for Ultimate Kickoff H2H and stand a chance of winning matches, you need to know how the rules work for this program. The rules are as follows:

  • Players must have a minimum of six UK players in their lineup,
  • All players’ teams’ overall rating cannot exceed 81 OVR, and
  • No silver player items must be in your lineup.

Best Way to Get Ultimate Kickoff Player Items & Tokens

Before going to battle on the field, complete all the challenges and objectives. You are not limited to specific challenges, just as long as you have a UK player or more in your team. All players should have received an Ultimate Kickoff player and Ultimate Kickoff Upgrade Token on the launch of the program. If you complete the Team of the Week Challenges and UK Challenges, you’ll start moving down the UK Field Pass in no time.

There are 19 Levels on the Field Pass, with five levels unlocking a UK player Item. Another quick way to rush down the Ultimate Kickoff Field Pass is to add a welcome player to your team and participate in Solo Battles.

Ultimate Kickoff Field Pass Rewards

The Field Pass runs until level 19. There will be 25,000 MUT Coins, 5 x Player Packs to choose from, 150000 XPs, and Upgrade Tokens to collect before the end of the first competitive Ultimate Kickoff Field Pass. All of the levels and rewards are as follows:

Level RewardsRarity
Level 276+ Ultimate Kickoff Player PackUncommon
Level 320000 Season XPsNA
Level 4UK Upgrade TokenEpic
Level 520000 Season XPsNA
Level 65,000 MUT CoinsNA
Level 720000 Season XPsNA
Level 885 OVR UK Hero Fantasy Pack Epic
Level 920000 Season XPsNA
Level 1076+ Ultimate Kickoff Player PackUncommon
Level 1120000 Season XPsNA
Level 12UK Upgrade TokenEpic
Level 1320000 Season XPsNA
Level 1410,000 MUT CoinsNA
Level 1520000 Season XPsNA
Level 1676+ Ultimate Kickoff Player PackUncommon
Level 1730000 Season XPsNA
Level 1810,000 MUT CoinsNA
Level 1985 OVR UK Hero/88 OVR BND UK ChampionLegendary

All Ultimate Kickoff Objectives in Madden Ultimate Team 

Each Challenge in Madden NFL 24’s UK is worth five stars if you try to complete the task on the hardest competitive level. There are 96 Ultimate Kickoff challenges in total, with EA splitting the 96 into two sectors, UK AFC (48 challenges) and UK NFC (48 challenges). There are 480 stars to collect and complete the UK challenges 100%.

The UK Objectives are as follows:

  • Earn 230 UK Stars (Challenges only), 
  • Earn 430 UK Stars (Challenges only),
  • Complete every Daily Objective ( 3 per day x 10 days),
  • Rush for 3,000 Yards (Must have a UK Player Item in the lineup),
  • Get 300 tackles (Must have a UK Player Item in the lineup), and
  • Get 15+ interceptions (Must have a UK Player Item in the lineup).

Try to keep a player or more (preferably the best-rated players) from each program/event in your starting lineup. This way, you’ll continue to complete objectives across all events and collect multiple rewards from each program’s Field Pass. If you do not have a player item from a particular event, complete those challenges first to try and collect player items from the event until you do.

Included with the objectives are six UK sets to complete: 5x UK sets and 1x UK Championship set. As it is with all of the other Field Passes, sets can only be collected by completing all of the challenges and objectives.

To check which of your sets are complete or how far you are in the event, you can head to your items in My Team. The first of the Ultimate Kickoff programs will close when Madden Ultimate Team Season 1 ends. For more on MUT 24, you can read Madden NFL 24: Campus Heroes Program.

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