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Madden NFL 24: Campus Heroes Program Explained

Another day, another drop for Madden 24 Ultimate Team!

Try not to blink, or you’ll miss all the Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team drops happening. Good Morning Madden didn’t disappoint, as we got to welcome our first Campus Heroes Programs that have just gone live now, despite the announced delay in release. In this post, I’ll take players through Campus Heroes Programs, rewards, and objectives.

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campus heroes welcome pack | all rewards
Campus Heroes Program Welcome Pack Rewards (Screenshot via Prima Games)

What is the Campus Heroes Program in Madden Ultimate Team?

Like the AKA Program that kicked off earlier this week, the Campus Heroes Program is a special program that offers unique player items, challenges, and rewards in Madden Ultimate Team. These items are also available for a limited time.

These exclusive items are available in MUT to celebrate the players who thrive on the NFL’s big stage and boast outstanding performances en route to the big leagues, making headlines in their college years. Like the other special events in Ultimate Team, the Campus Heroes Program will have its own Field Pass, hence why there will be unique challenges and separate stars to collect for rewards. There are 11 tiers to complete to earn 100% completion.

QB Robert Griffin III | Welcome Pack Hero Player Item
Quarterback Robert Griffin III Welcome Pack Campus Hero (Screenshot via Prima Games)

All Campus Heroes Rewards 

Once you’ve logged into MUT 24, you’ll receive the Campus Heroes welcome pack reward. I received my Campus Heroes MUT Tip and the Robert Griffin III (QB 79 OVR) Player Item, which I’ve already upgraded to an 81 OVR with five Training Points. Nice! Below are the tires and rewards for the Campus Heroes Program:

Level 1Campus Hero Pack Uncommon
Level 279 OVR Campus Hero Fantasy PackUncommon
Level 35000 Season XPsNA
Level 4Helmet Sticker (Used Upgrade RG3 OVR)Rare
Level 55000 Season XPsNA
Level 6Helmet Sticker (Used Upgrade RG3 OVR)Rare
Level 75000 Season XPsNA
Level 8Helmet Sticker (Used Upgrade RG3 OVR)Rare
Level 95000 Season XPsNA
Level 105000 Season XPsNA
Level 1181+ OVR Campus Hero FP or 50000 coinsEpic

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All Campus Heroes Objective 

Objectives in the Campus Heroes Program can be completed by doing Challenges, completing sets, battling in House Rules, and facing off in Solo Battles or H2H Duels. The Objectives are as follows:


  • Earn 160 Stars in Campus Heroes Challenges
  • Get 40+ touchdowns with RG3 (welcome pack player item reward) in your lineup


  • Complete 1 Campus Hero Set
  • Complete 1 Campus Hero Champion Set

House Rules

  • Win 10+ House Rules Games with RG3 in your lineup

Solo Battle

  • Win 15+ Solo Battles or H2H Games with RG3 in your lineup
all campus heroes objectives MUT 24
All Campus Heroes Program Objectives (Screenshot via Prima Games)

As stated earlier in the post, the Campus Heroes Program will be around for a limited time. The program ends in 33 days. There are many decisions to make. Do you complete the Legend challenges, Headliners, or Campus Heroes? What to do? For more Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team, you can read Madden NFL 24: how to upgrade headliners in Ultimate Team.

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