Madden NFL 24: How to Flip a Run Play When at the Line of Scrimmage

Read the defense, use your instincts, and run the ball like a pro!

how to flip run play | madden 24
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In Madden NFL 24, knowing what to do when you lineup at the line of scrimmage before the snap is sometimes the difference between a successful play and a failed one. When lining up, it’s vital to try and read the defensive play, especially if you’re thinking about a running play as exploiting the gaps means extra gains of 10 or more.

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How to Flip a Run Play in Madden NFL 24

To flip the run play in Madden 24 when on offense, you just need to flick the right analog stick. If you want to make sure you have flipped the direction of the run play, you can also hold down the L2 trigger (LT on an Xbox controller) to view the play art after you’ve flicked the right analog stick. When doing this, you’ll be able to see the Quarterback make the call and the direction of the arrows change.

If the defense is heavy with men on the initial side you’ve selected for your run play, it’s always good to know how to flip the play quickly rather than having to audible the play. With the play clock time running down while at the line of scrimmage, there could be too little time to call an audible, possibly resulting in a penalty. Yes, if you sense the opposition is lined up to stop a run play, you have no other option but to change to a pass play.

Another way to flip the play at the line is to press the square button and then tap on R2 (RT on an Xbox controller). Here you’ll see more movement on the offensive line, as this option switches and flips the play completely, changing the players’ positions at the line as well as the direction of the running route. This method also applies to passing plays. The first option only changes the direction of the running route and only applies to running plays.

When Can’t You Flip the Run Play at the Line in Madden 24?

You can’t flip the play at the line of scrimmage in Madden if the play selected from the playbook has motion movement, fake handoffs, etc. included in the buildup before the snap. You can only flip the direction of these special run plays in the huddle.

These pre-snap adjustments have really helped improve my offensive game in virtual gridiron football. Sometimes picking standard HB draws, HB stretches, etc. has turned out to be my match-winning plays. 

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