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Madden NFL 24: Best Times to Make a Touch Pass Throw

Touch passes are good for big gains and big drives up the field!

Touch Passes are some of the best and safest passes to pull off in Madden NFL 24. It is also the best way to ensure you are running out of bounce after a play is made to stop the clock. However, Touch Passes are not suitable for all play types, especially when the zone you’re throwing to is a hot zone filled with plenty of defenders who can pick off the pass. In this post, I’ll discuss when it is best to use a Touch Pass, how to perform one, and other important tricks to help complete passes. 

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When is the Best Time to Throw a Touch Pass in Madden NFL 24?

The best time to pull off a Touch Pass in Madden 24 is when your receivers are running outward routes toward the touchlines, near or deep, or going long. For a Touch Pass to be successful more frequently, timing and placement play a big role. Too slow, too early, or a mixture of both, and it’s almost guaranteed that the ball will be deflected away and the pass will be incomplete.

best outward route for a touch pass
Best Type of Plays to Complete a Touch Pass (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Like other passes, Touch Passes are best made just before the slant run is made or the receiver makes his breakaway movement. Just before these direction changes is the perfect time to make the pass, if the play runs straight to the corner or sideline, try to get rid of it early. If you are using a Touch Pass for a pass downfield, wait until your receiver is ahead of his marker when throwing. This type of throw is great for longer and deeper throws.

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How to Throw a Touch Pass in Madden NFL 24

To throw a touch pass in Madden NFL 24, you must tap lightly on the player icon (Button) to which you want to throw the ball. When performing a Touch Pass, the ball will lob in the air and have more of an ache when thrown. This allows for greater distance and time for the receiver to get to the ball. Hence, you can perform a Touch Pass soon after the ball is snapped to the Quarterback.

lob throw to complete a touch pass
Lobbed Touch Pass to the End Zone in Madden NFL 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

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When Not to Use a Touch Pass in Madden NFL 24

It’s best not to use Touch Passes for quick plays. It’s also not advisable when running inside the field. Throwing straight up the middle of the field with a lob pass will give defenders of the opposition team time to reach the pass. 

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Another time to avoid throwing a Touch Pass is when there is two-man coverage on a single player. The defenders will close down the passing zone, making it impossible to keep the ball out of their reach. Your Touch Pass will most likely be incomplete.

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Extra Tricks That Could Guarantee Catches From Touch Pass Plays

To try and guarantee a catch from a touch pass, make sure to move the left analog stick in the direction you are throwing. Move the analog stick in the direction you want to throw, and then tap softly on the player icon you want to throw to.

different types of catching options
All Ball in Air Controls (Screenshot via Prima Games)

This will keep the ball out of the defender’s reach, with the ball moving ahead of the Receiver for him to catch in front of him. Pressing the X or Triangle button can also increase your chances of catching the ball. With X, also called a Passive Catch, you stand a better chance of staying in bounds while pressing Triangle; an Aggressive Catch is for long throws. Receivers will reach or attempt to leap to complete the catch.

For an extra advantage, before throwing the ball to one of your players, hold L1 to perform a high throw. This will place the throw above the hands and high, making it even harder for a defender to knock down the ball. For another passing tip for quicker plays, you can read Best Times To Make a Bullet Pass and learn what plays work best in these situations.

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