Madden NFL 24: Best Times To Make a Bullet Pass

Make quick, hard throws for small gains up the field.

learn how to throw a bullet pass
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With the throwing mechanic improvements made in Madden NFL 24, there are many ways in which you can make sure a receiver, TE, or Running Back makes a catch. One of the ways to complete passes, more often than not, is to use the Bullet Pass. With this pass type, you need to know when and what plays to use it on for it to remain effective. In this post, I’ll explain when it’s best to use a Bullet Pass, how to throw one, and what extra tricks can guarantee a high completion rate.

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When is the Best Time to Make a Bullet Pass in Madden NFL 24?

The best time to make a bullet pass in Madden NFL 24 is when the runs being made are inward routes, and the Receivers are close to the Quarterbacks when receiving the ball. The closer the player receives the ball to the QB, the better the chances are of him catching it. They are also best used for quick-release, bang-bang plays.

best plays for a bullet pass
Best Type of Plays to Complete a Bullet Throw (Screenshot via Prima Games)

You must remember to time your throw perfectly just before the player changes direction on an inward lane. The longer you wait, the more you increase the chances of getting sacked or throwing it off target and out of reach of the player. These passes are best when trying to make small gains up the field and when you start on 1st & 10. It’s especially good at running down the clock when you are ahead.

How To Throw a Bullet Pass in Madden NFL 24

To perform a Bullet Pass in Madden 24, you must hold down the receiver’s icon (button) until the bar is full and turns green. Depending on the throw mechanics you have selected to play with, there will be an indicator that shows you when you’ve reached the limit on the throw meter. Hold the icon until the meter is full and the indicator reaches the end, and then release it. The ball will torpedo to its intended target.

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To keep a Bullet Pass low and out of reach from a defending player, Hold the L2 button and the player icon you want to throw to and release once the throwing meter is full.

A completed bullet pass
Example of a Bullet Pass in Madden NFL 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

When Not to Throw a Bullet Pass in Madden NFL 24

The worst time to try and execute a Bullet Pass is when your closest ball receivers are running to the sidelines, and there are defenders between them and the QB. The most significant risk is the risk of interceptions. In most games I’ve played, a Bullet Pass was more likely to be turned over than a Touch Pass.

Another time it’s not recommended to make a Bullet Throw is after being sacked. The defense may have extra pass coverage set up to close down inward routes, knowing you have a lot of ground to cover.

passing controls and button commands
All Passing Controls in Madden NFL 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Extra Trick To Guarantee a Higher Success Rate

There are different ways to receive the ball in Madden NFL 24. Using the right catch mechanic for a specific throw that’s high or low will increase your chances of making that crucial catch. Press the X button to perform a Possession Catch whenever you receive a Bullet Pass.

This works especially well if the pass is hard and low. It will make sure to throw the ball in the Receiver’s zone and keep it away from any other players close by. For more tricks on how to improve your gameplay, you can read: Madden NFL 24: How to Perform a Lateral Pass.

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