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Madden NFL 18 – How to Use Target Passing

by Bryan Dawson

Target passing is completely optional in Madden NFL 18, but it has great benefits when trying to fit passes into tight zone windows, fade routes, or throwing timing routes before your wide receiver (WR) breaks. If you can master target passing in Madden NFL 18 you’ll have a big advantage playing online and against the computer. This article covers how to use target passing in Madden NFL 18 so you can hit the ground running as soon as the game is available.

If you’re a casual Madden player, you may not need to use target passing. It has been designed to offer an added level of challenge and finesse for players who want to elevate their game to the next level. Expect many competitive Madden players to use this regularly, so if you have aspirations to be one of the best, read on to find out how to use target passing.

How to Use Target Passing

The first thing you need to do when using target passing is select your primary receiver. Before the play starts, turn on the Coach Camera (RT on Xbox, R2 on PS4) and select the desired receiver. This automatically changes the primary receiver to the receiver you just selected.

Once you’ve determined your primary receiver and snapped the ball, hold LT (Xbox) or L2 (PS4), then you can use the Left Analog Stick to move the target. While moving the receiver the quarterback will automatically turn to stay aligned with the target. You can still switch your target, even at this point, by pressing the button that corresponds with any other receiver, so long as you’re still holding LT or L2.

If you release LT or L2, you will be using Neutral Target Passing, which lets you press the appropriate receiver button and throw the ball to that target immediately. In this scenario you won’t have to switch to the target before throwing, which saves you time and adds a bit more precision. If you want to turn off target passing completely, all you have to do is press LT or L2 again.

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