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Madden NFL 18 – Best Team Ratings

by Bryan Dawson

Early release for Madden NFL 18 is finally here, and people have been playing the game in an effort to figure out which teams and players are at the top of the league. This article covers the best teams in Madden NFL 18 by taking a look at the team ratings to help you determine which team you should play as. If you have city loyalties, fear not, we’re just here to provide you with the top rated teams in Madden NFL 18. Which team you select is still entirely up to you.

Best Rated Teams

For the most part, the teams listed below shouldn’t surprise you too much. Electronic Arts generally tries to make sure the in-game ratings are as true to life as the real NFL teams. However, there may be a couple of surprises in there, or even teams you’re just not all that fond of. We all know the Patriots aren’t everyone’s favorite team, but they have the results so it’s hard to argue with their top placement.

As we move down the list, you can see most of the teams are in the same order they finishes the season and playoffs. Falcons fans will find the Atlanta team slightly below the Patriots, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to replay the Super Bowl and potentially change the outcome. While the team ratings help to determine which teams are the best, player skill also factors into teh equation. A casual Madden fan can pick the Patriots and still get pummeled by a professional Madden player using the Giants.

Team Overall Rating
New England Patriots 93
Atlanta Falcons 91
Dallas Cowboys 89
Green Bay Packers 88
Pittsburgh Steelers 88
Kansas City Chiefs 87
Oakland Raiders 86
Seattle Seahawks 86
Tennessee Titans 85
New York Giants 84

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