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Madden NFL 18 – Attributes in Player Ratings

by Bryan Dawson

Ratings are very important in Madden NFL 18, but some people may not be familiar with the attributes that go along with those ratings. If you’re new to Madden, you may know how what AWR means in player ratings. This article covers all of the attributes in Madden NFL 18 ratings to explain what the abbreviations mean so you can determine which players you want to use based on more than just their overall ratings.

Madden NFL 18 Attributes

There are eight attributes for most players in Madden NFL 18. While the overall rating is most important, knowing the individual attributes can help determine which players work best with your play style. You may like faster runners or players with higher acceleration that may fit better into your game plan. Find out what all of the attributes mean below.

Acceleration (ACC) – This is how faster a player reaches top running speed.

Agility (AGI) – When a player is running, this attribute determine how well they respond to the Left Analog Stick. A higher rating means they cut faster in the direction you move.

Awareness (AWR) – This determines how fast a player reacts to other players on the field of play. This includes both teammates and players on the opposing team.

Injury (INJ) – While a little self-explanatory, this rating is how often a player will be injured during the season.

Jumping (JMP) – The better the rating the higher this player jumps into the air.

Speed (SPD) – This is the top speed of the player.

Stamina (STA) – A higher stat means the player can go longer before getting tired and requiring a substitution.

Strength (STR) – The higher this stat, the more powerful a player’s blocking power moves, throwing, trucking, and their ability to shed blocks.

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