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Lords of the Fallen Vestige
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Whether you’re actively attempting a specific challenge or after 100% completion, the Soulslike genre provides the most satisfying rewards. Even in the form of achievements, knowing you’re one of the few to beat a specific boss or to beat every boss earns you bragging rights. But going in prepared is half the battle. Here is the full achievement list for Lords of the Fallen.

The Lords of the Fallen achiements list contains spoilers, so read on at your own risk!

All Achievements in Lords of the Fallen

Lord of the FallenEarn all achievements.
A Veil LiftedDie in Axiom for the first time.
Lost and FoundRetrieve vigor lost upon death.
Weapon CollectorCollect all weapons.
IroncladCollect all armor pieces.
What Sights Contained WithinCollect all Umbral Eyes.
Trinket CollectorCollect all rings and pendants.
Ammunition CollectorCollect all ammo types.
Inferno AdeptCollect all Inferno spells.
Radiant AdeptCollect all Radiance spells.
Umbral AdeptCollect all Umbral spells.
Throwable CollectorCollect all throwables.
Gesture CollectorCollect all gestures.
Salvation in BloodFully upgrade the Sanguinarix.
Honed in PerfectionFully upgrade a weapon.
Rune NovicePlace a run in a socket for the first time.
Rune MasterFully socket a 3-rune weapon or a shield.
Carving Out VictoryFully upgrade the Umbral Lamp.
Utmost InsightFully socket the Umbral Lamp with Umbral Eyes.
ComradesBeckon a co-op partner.
Shared TriumphDefeat a boss alongside a co-op partner.
Vengeance for the FallenAvenge a fallen lampbearer.
No MercyDefeat another player in PvP.
Infernal OfferingsDonate a total of 10 Pilfered Coins.
Umbral OfferingsDonate a total of 10 Plucked Eyeballs.
Shades of ViolenceApply a tinct to a piece of gear.
Rise and FallDefeat Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal
Together in DeathDefeat the Congregator of Flesh.
Burying the PastDefeat the Hushed Saint.
UnwantedDefeat the Spurned Progeny.
Unbroken to the EndDefeat the Unbroken Promise.
Wings of GriefDefeat the Hollow Crow.
Twin Faces of SinDefeat Reinhold the Immured.
JudgmentDefeat Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel.
Hunt’s EndDefeat the Lightreaper.
The King is DeadDefeat the Sundered Monarch.
A Hunger SatedDefeat Elianne the Starved.
FallenDefeat Adyr, the Bereft Exile.
None Shall be SparedDefeat all bosses.
The Price of KnowledgeExacter Dunmire gains the knowledge he seeks.
Part of the DivineDamarose the Marked receives her divine reward.
Travels ResumedSparky is liberated.
Moving OnByron finds a new purpose.
Hero WorshipDrustan’s faith in his brother remains steadfast.
Antana’s LegacyThe value of Andrea of Ebb’s friendship is made clear.
FaithfulStomund, Captain of the Fidelis is greeted at the Empyrean.
Without PurposeThehk-Ihir leaves Mournstead.
A Queen’s RestSophesia bestows a final favor.
The Last StepThe Iron Wayfarer’s journey finally ends.
Vengeful ReflectionAn Umbral imprint of Isaac faces the Lightreaper.
Lord of the RisenReach the Adyr ending.
In Light We WalkReach the Radiant ending.
Back to the VoidReach the Umbral ending.
A Shadow DispelledDefeat the Scarlet Shadow.
Essence of DeathDefeat en enemy with an Umbral finisher.
Thriving in DarknessUse a Vesting Seed.
SeasonedReach Level 100.
WayfarerVisit all of the areas in the game.
The Past Shapes the PresentOffer Molhu the Bowl of Revelations.
Lingering MomentsView all Umbral Stigmas.
A Rest Among the DeadReach the Skyrest Bridge interior.
A Trace of VenomKukajin concludes her business in Mournstead.

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