Can You Play Lords of the Fallen On Steam Deck? – Answered

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Lords of the Fallen Steam Deck
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We all have platform preferences for games. With Lords of the Fallen having three options, it can be hard to figure out where to play. Some people prefer playing on a PC with a keyboard and mouse, while others love the feel of a controller as they play on a PlayStation or Xbox console. What about the Steam Deck? Will Lords of the Fallen be compatible with it, or is this option eliminated? Let’s discuss whether you can play Lords of the Fallen on Steam Deck.

Is Lords of the Fallen Steam Deck Compatible?

Yes, Lords of the Fallen is fully compatible with Steam Deck. According to a Steam discussion post, a developer confirmed Lords of the Fallen will support the Steam Deck, allowing you to play without issues. However, there are no official compatibility reports on the game’s store page, so its performance and smoothness on the handheld device are unknown.

The good news is you’ll have free reign to play Lords of the Fallen on Steam Deck. Just be careful, as it has hefty storage requirements, listed on the Steam store page at around 45 GB. If you already have other games installed on your Steam Deck and are low on space, you may have to clear out a few games before downloading LotF.

On the plus side, you can always replace the Steam Deck’s SSD to increase your storage space if necessary, making it easier to decide how many games to uninstall, if any.

Lords of the Fallen will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. To learn more about the game’s world and features, check out whether Lords of the Fallen is open world, or click the game tag below to explore our growing content list.

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